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Craigslist Portland – Crazy Things You Need to Know

Just by looking at the days coming and passing day by day, it is very clear that the technology seems to be beneficial for humankind. People don’t bother to do most of the things by themself. Now everyone has a smartphone, smartwatch, smartTV and smart computer. Things are getting simpler day by day.

If I talk about the traditional way of dealing with something or doing business, so here is what I had to do, let’s say suppose I needed to sell something, just say an old bicycle. Firstly I had to create a pamphlet to sell a bicycle. Then post those pamphlets to many different locations to make sure more and more people can see that ad.

Once you got the buyer, the buyer might come to your place to buy your product. That is something that you really won’t like it when someone randomly entering and exiting from your house, that is totally invading your privacy.

There are many problems with the traditional way of doing dealing with your product or buying a product for yourself. There might be some communication issue that causes some serious problem.

Then comes the era of the internet where things get pretty convenient for people to handle selling and purchasing anything new or old at a low price accordingly. Today in this article I am going to discuss a very professional and trusted website that can be used for selling and purchasing goods and other activities that I am going to elaborate on.

Craigslist Portland


There must be many questions about craigslist portland by reading the title. Well, before dive into craigslist portland, let me tell you about what is Craigslist exactly and what it does.

The craigslist portland is a free platform where people can actually post anything that they want to sell and also see the advertisement about the products that they are looking for at a low price. Craigslist portland is an American advertisements website which has several subsections for jobs, resumes, services, post an ad, items wanted, discussion forms, community service, gigs, and many other categories

What function that you perform on Craigslist Portland

Well, there are many things to checkout on this website from selling to buying a product, services lets begin with taking subsection of craigslist portland.


The very first section you will see is the community. Below this section, there are multiple subsections related to different activities, artists, childcare, classes, events, genera, groups, local news, lost+found, missed connections, musicians, pets, politics, rants & raves, rideshare, and volunteers. Once you click any of these, it will take you to another page with the relevant content that you were looking for.


After the community, you will find the service part just below. It can be related to any of the services that you might require such as automotive, beauty, cell/mobile, computer, creative, cycle, event, farm+garden, financial, household, labor/move, legal, lessons, marine, pet, real estate, skilled trade, sm biz ads, travel/vac, write/ed/tran.

Discussion forums

Craigslist Portland

In this section, you can find a solution to your problem that may be related to android, apple, arts, atheist, autos, beauty, bikes, celebs, comp, cosmos, diet, divorce, dying, eco, feedback, film, Fixit, food, frugal, gaming, garden, haiku, help, history, housing, jobs, jokes, legal, Linux, manners, marriage, money, music, open, outdoor, parent, pets, Philos, photo, politics, psych, recover, religion, rofo, science, spirit, sports, super, tax, travel, tv, vegan, words, writing.

How to Place an Ad?

Craigslist Portland

If you are new to craigslist portland and want to put an advertisement for your product that you want to sell, then let me guide you how you can start with your very first ad on craigslist portland, keep following the steps below,

Step 1. So the first thing you need to do is go to the Craigslist site

Step 2. Select the location in which you want to put an ad.

Step 3. Then click on the “Post to Classifieds” highlighted word which will be showing in the upper-left under Craigslist

Step 4. Select what type of advertisement you want to post

Step 5. click “Continue.”

Step 6. Choose the category

Step 7. Click “Continue” again.

You are good to go. Craigslist portland will create your temporary email id so that if someone message you or respond to your advertisement, that will show up in your email inbox also you can remove your ad once there is no use of it or you have already sold your thing.

How much cost the website charge?

Craigslist Portland

Yeah, this is a valid question that if the website charge for any kind of advertisement.

Well, for all the states and other posting is free but specifically, job posting in us and selected areas of California will cost you good, it would be like $10-75. The prices may vary according to the nature of posting and areas.

Last year in the month of April. The Craigslist portland revels that the fee will be charged for the car selling advertisement. Other vehicles can be posted for free but in case of a car, the owner needs to pay $5 to the craigslist.

How to Pay while dealing?

If you got the right person to sell or purchase the product that actually you were looking for, then here is some option that you can try for payment purposes. The first one will be your Paypal or you can use similar certified applications such as google pay or any other with some good security.

But, to avoid any conflict or scam, I would personally suggest you to make your deal with the hard cash.

Last Words

Craigslist portland actually works in other countries but it was initially made for the USA only. Only this is available in many countries. People find this website safer and simpler to get their things done. However, using an online platform may lead to scam or fraud.

Many incidents came to light about online scam on craigslist portland. Most of the time this scam is regarding payment. You must be careful about this sort of scams.


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