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Chat Avenue – Everything You Need to Know

Who does not want to chat or make new friends with whom one can share things? If we think of the traditional way of chating, it was just a letter because at that time there was not that much technology which could be used for conveying one message to another person’s end.

For today’s generation, there is a lot of chat applications all over the play store. From dating apps to the professional app, you can get any of these in just one click. But chat avenue is the online chatting platform where you can make friends from all over the globe,

Chat avenue is the e-chat platform that works online. It is more of texting than video calling. This includes one to one chat, group chat or community chat. When you get into the chat avenue, you will have the option for single person chat or you want to chat with the whole group of people.

About chat avenue

chat avenue

This site is one of the most used texting chatting site which was founded in the year of 2000 and ever since it has followers in millions and still counting. This is also one of the oldest web online chat rooms. It got many changes from time to time. Originally it was Digichat software which was based on java and later on in 2005, it changed it to adobe based. Recently in 2017 it got added some software using node.js and using PHP.

If you think that chat avenue is only for adult chat or for youngsters then you are totally wrong. You can have proper communication such as professional and business chat that can be done here.

How does it work?

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This not any rocket science or something tough you are thinking of. A very simple steps, also the site has some new features such as you can now switch to the video calling. The calling could be private with multiple options related to the chating.

Compatibility for chat avenue

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If you are very new to this site the let me tell you this thing that the site is very much simple and easy to use. Actually this was made according to the user which may be very knowledgeable about this sort of sites or maybe a very new to this world. It is compatible with any mobile phones, tablets, desktops, laptops like anything which can run this site.

For the starter, for the participation in the chat, you do not require any webcam or audio speakers you can just directly enter what chat you are looking for. There is a variety of chat rooms are available. According to your preference, you can enter it

Chat rooms of the chat avenue

Chat rooms of chat avenue

College chat: the very first one is a college chat room. By the name only you can tell what is a room all about. This room can be joined by any college student, high school, graduate, or entering university.

Adult chat: this room is one of the most popular chat rooms in the world. People chat with mature and young strangers and make them friends. There is two way to participate either go for a single chat or group it’s upon you. There is an option for picking a nickname, you can try that also.

Single chat: all the dating websites are pretty much charge you some and then you can connect to someone. Here no money required and I am sure this chat room will bring you back here again and again for sure.

Dating chat: here mostly people find their dates. No additional download required here. You just need to pick a nickname and search for the girl or boy of your interest and ask them out. This will not charge you anything.

Gay chat: if you are gay and you don’t want to reveal your identity then surely join this room. You can join the chat as a guest and there are millions of lesbians and bisexual ready to be connected. There are soo many chat rooms that I even unable to mention here, so if you want to check out other chat rooms then you can visit by yourself.

What is the signup procedure?

procedure to signup on chat avenue

The best thing about this site is you do not require any user name or password to join the chat. A very simple interface and easy to use for any age group. There is no restriction on any religion, race, age, sex or any community group. This is totally free and can join the chat with an anonymous name.

Live and video chat

From starting to texting to video calls, you don’t have to install or attach anything. This site is compatible with any of the devices with webcams and speakers.

Privacy protection for kids

Privacy of chat avenue

This site ask for your age at the beginning of the page where you have to specify your age. Once you confirm that you are 18+ then you can get through it but if not then you have to leave the site. As the moderators are having their eyes on the chat rooms, if anyone is bullying or doing wrong then you can also report that user so that the person could get banned.

What is the future of chat avenue?

After changes in 2017, the site is still running but will shut down very soon. It has been on google about the closing of this site. It was an announcement form the flash adobe side about the end of life for the chat avenue. For now, the site has been monitored and handled by the volunteers and the administrators.

Last words

Chat avenue is and will be the most used and best web chat room ever. This site used to be the top chat site for many people and from different corners of the world connected to some stranger and made a very unique connection with it. Make sure to your privacy measure during chat or video calling. There is no harm for kids but still, the consent from the parents is necessary. If any queries, drop your comment in the given box below.


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