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Wynonna Judd, a Month After the Death of Her Mother Naomi Last Video, Reflects on the Experience! This Can’t Be the Judds’ Ending!

Wynonna Judd is taking some time to think about her life after the passing of her mother, Naomi Judd.

Wynonna, 57, sent a heartbreaking statement on Instagram on Sunday, just under a month after Naomi died by suicide at the age of 76, outlining how she is coping with the loss of her mother.

“I’m checking in. There is a lot going on in the world right now “Along with a photograph of herself singing, the singer began the text of her post.

Wynonna wrote, noting that she struggled to find the right words to convey, “Before I sat down to write this, I thought to myself, ‘No…

I’m at a loss for words.’ Then I heard my life coach question me, ‘What do you know?’ And I started crying.”

“HOW DO I KNOW?!?” She went on. “I DO KNOW that the agony of losing Mom to suicide on April 30th is so enormous that I frequently feel like I’ll never be able to totally accept and succumb to the fact that she went the way she did. This cannot be the conclusion of The Judds’ saga.

Wynonna said, “in order to be a healthy grandma to my eldest grandchild Kaliyah,” she would have to “continue to show up for myself first and undertake the personal healing work.” In addition, she intends to “stop the cycle of addiction and familial disintegration.”

“I realize it’s a basic steps program, and those steps aren’t always easy to take,” she added.

The country singer went on to say that she “made a vow to keep doing the ‘next right thing,’ and schedule weekly sessions so that I can continue with the continuing work, even on good days.”

“I DO KNOW that I feel so helpless—especially right now,” Wynonna said. “‘Love Can Build A Bridge,’ I know, as clichéd as it sounds. I find myself singing the song Mom made for the fans to myself late at night here on the farm.”

Wynonna also stated that she realizes she can’t “do this mourning thing all by myself,” and that “it’s good to call out for support.”

wynonna judd mother death

“I will battle for my religion, for myself, for my family, and I WILL continue to show up and perform,” she concluded.

Wynonna then thanked her fans for “all of your love and support,” and ended her message with, “Let’s check-in more frequently.

In a heartbreaking statement received by PEOPLE late last month, Wynonna and sister Ashley Judd confirmed their mother’s death.

“Today was a tragic day for our sisters. Our lovely mother succumbed to the affliction of mental illness. We’ve been devastated. We are coping with deep sadness and know that, just as we loved her, her public did as well “The statement ran as follows: “We’re in an uncharted area.”


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The Judds were inducted into the Country Music Hall of Fame the next day, and a weeping Wynonna accepted the accolade onstage at Nashville’s CMA Theater. “I will continue to sing, even if my heart is crushed,” she stated during the event.

Following her mother’s death, Wynonna indicated earlier this month that she will continue with the previously scheduled The Judds: The Final Tour.

Wynonna will be joined on stage by country music icons at the highly anticipated event to sing some of The Judds’ most timeless tunes. Martina McBride will be the first famous guest, performing a performance of her own hits before Wynonna takes the stage on various nights.

Recap: “Naomi Judd: a River of Time Celebration” Honors Naomi Judd’s Life

Naomi Judd’s funeral, “NAOMI JUDD: A RIVER OF TIME CELEBRATION,” was held at Ryman Auditorium on Sunday, 15 days after her death.

“NAOMI JUDD: A RIVER OF TIME CELEBRATION” aired on CMT and included her daughters Ashley Judd and Wynonna Judd.

Ashley passionately described her mother’s terrible past, calling her a “legend who left country music better than she found it.”

Ashley: “She was everywoman.” Maybe that’s why everyone knew her. Nurse. She was a single parent who occasionally received aid. Abuse, intimate relationship violence, and rape devastated her. Her supervisor fired her for declining to spend the weekend with him. Grandchildren called her Mamaw. She was amazing.”

wynonna judd mother death

Wynonna composed herself and sang “River of Time” at The Ryman, surrounded by 1,200 roses. Naomi wrote the song’s lyrics: Flow on the river of time, heal my mind, carry me away.

Little Big Town’s Karen Fairchild said Judd’s music was “the fabric of our existence” and it was an “honor” to play at her memorial. Wynonna wiped her eyes while Fairchild and Kimberly Schlapman sang “Grandpa (Tell Me ‘Bout the Good Old Days).

Ashley McBryde’s voice broke when she performed “Love is Alive” She apologized through tears and kept walking.

Brad Paisley recalled opening for The Judds. Paisley’s birthday was very memorable. His dying granddad wanted him to be a country singer. Paisley’s grandfather never saw his career take off, but he got to see him open for “country music’s greatest performer” before he died.

Paisley sang “Young Love (Strong Love)” acoustically.

The Gaither Vocal Band played “How Beautiful Heaven Must Be” at Naomi’s request. Ashley said the family used to listen to Gaither in the vehicle. Naomi and Wynonna learned “The Sweetest Gift” from Emmylou Harris and Allison Russell. Jamey Johnson sang “John Deere Tractor” and Carly Pearce sang “Why Not Me.”


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Bono, Reese Witherspoon, Morgan Freeman, Reba McEntire, Bette Midler, Oprah Winfrey, and Salma Hayek submitted videos.

Hayek compared Naomi to Scarlett O’Hara when they first met.

The actress added, “She had a spirit ready to tackle everything.” “She had to make difficult decisions, but her ambition gave her courage, and she expressed herself via her voice and music when it would have been nearly impossible because of where she came from. Naomi was unique. She was a force of nature with mesmerizing sweetness.”

Naomi told Winfrey that country music had genuine people and stories.

Naomi told Winfrey, “I’m just like these people; we both sing for a career.” I found this so wonderful and indicative of her character since we were all impacted by her music, in part because of how she regarded her rooted relationship with us.

Wynonna, Ashley, and Naomi’s husband, Larry Strickland, shared recollections of Naomi. Ashley said Naomi made sure everyone felt welcome at her table. Wynonna joked that her mom loved control, whereas Ashley wanted to build memories.

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Strickland got emotional when about his wife. Sometimes he chuckled that she never met a stranger. He stated she would talk to anybody for 20 minutes about their passions and dog. He also shared an email he received from a stranger Naomi met while she left him on tour to join Wynonna for their CMHOF induction. Naomi died before the induction, but the guy told Strickland how effortlessly she loved her spouse.

Strickland read the email: Strickland stated, “I didn’t know Naomi, but she talked well of you and your life together.” “She adored you and told a stranger on a plane she did.”

Wynonna and Brandi Carlile sang “The Rose” at the end of the party, and Wynonna said she’d continue The Judds’ last tour without her mother.

Wynonna assured the crowd, “The performance must go on as hard as it may be, and you will carry me just as you have for 38 years.” “Tonight’s events were breathtaking. So, we’ll proceed. “She’d want that.”

Wynonna sang “Love Can Build a Bridge” with her church’s choir.

Ashley gripped Strickland’s arm.

CMT and Sandbox Live co-produced “NAOMI JUDD: A RIVER OF TIME CELEBRATION.” Margaret Comeaux, Leslie Fram, Jason Owen, and Patrizia DiMaria (Ladypants Productions) are executive producers.

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