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The Amazing “Wizard of Oz” Google Trick2022 : How to Do It

Wizard of Oz

Actually, The Wizard of Oz is both a genuine movie and a video game. In the film, a magician unwittingly stumbles onto a place that is in danger from a strong witch, but he uses his magic to save the village from the evil witch. The Wizard of Oz is a fictional story that Google has included in their search engine as a way to amuse consumers. You are welcome on board if you are looking for instructions for the Wizard of Oz Google Trick. To learn how to accomplish it, keep reading.

Google’s “Wizard of Oz” trick

The “Wizard of Oz” technique is a cute little Google Easter Egg that has to do with the well-known 1939 movie. When you click on a pair of Dorothy’s ruby shoes that show on the search engine, wonderful things happen.

Google starts swirling like the classic tornado scene as the famous phrase from Judy Garland, “There’s no place like home,” begins to play. When you press the tornado symbol, a home appears on the screen, after which the display returns to sepia.

The Wizard of Oz soundtrack then resumes playing as the screen swirls once again until Google resumes functioning normally.

How Do I Use The Google Trick From The Wizard of Oz?

  1. Go to this URL and enter “Wizard of Oz Google trick” into Google.
  2. Then, on the right side, you’ll see a pair of shining ruby shoes.
  3. Watch the trick start when you click on them. Ensure that your sound is on!
  4. To watch the trick’s conclusion and restore your screen to normal, touch the tornado.

Is Google’s Wizard of Oz tricks Still in Use?

Yes. The trick may still be seen. You may play it for free by just searching for the “Wizard of Oz Google trick” on the search engine.

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The Top 5 Google Easter Eggs

Here is our selection of the web’s top hidden Google search surprises. Hold on, we’re on a trip with Toto!

1. Do a barrel roll first.

The Wizard of Oz trick is more difficult than this one, which is very cool. Simply enter “perform a barrel roll” into Google to get started. From then, your whole screen will begin to rotate in a trick that seems to be achievable only for computer programmers.

2. Beam Me Up

If you say “beam me up Scotty” into Google’s voice search, it will respond, “I cannot do it, Captain. I lack authority.

I just received the Nicki Minaj album’s results.

3.  Kevin Bacon, You Know Him, Right?

The video game “six degrees of Kevin Bacon” is well known. It’s a party game where participants compete to tie Kevin Bacon to any actor they pick at random.

The number of “degrees of separation,” often known as “degrees of Kevin Bacon,” is the number of movies that stand between the two.

Why is this important? You can get the distance between any celebrity and Kevin Bacon by going to Google and typing that celebrity’s name with “Bacon number.”

Try it. I just tried that, and it did work. I checked Johnny Depp’s Bacon number, which is two, for whatever reason.

4. Askew

Weird! Therefore, your whole screen will be slightly… misaligned if you go to Google and put “askew” into the search field. I have a really weird sense of dread as a result of this.

The tilt, though, will likely be enjoyed by those of us who don’t mind things being out of position.

5. What Does The Fox Say, Number Five?

Wow, this one is very scary. These kinds of films make me question what has become of our world. Do artists now have to do this to get noticed?

Here is the contested video. Use Google’s voice search to do this trick by asking “what does the fox say?” You’ll then get a response. an answer to a question that I didn’t know I needed to ask.

I hope you enjoyed (and were distracted by) these Google Easter Eggs today!

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