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What Is the Aunt Cass Meme All the Fuss About?

Why is a Big Hero 6 character from Disney taking over Twitter? The Aunt Cass meme is explained right here!

Big Hero 6, an animated superhero movie produced by Disney and based on the same-named Marvel comic, was released in 2014. Hiro Hamada, a young kid interested in robotics, and a robot named Baymax are the main characters in the narrative.

Seven years later, a character from the movie is now trending on Twitter. Here’s why the internet is so enamored with Aunt Cass, who goes by the name.

Aunt Cass: Who is She?

In the 2014 Disney film Big Hero 6, a fictitious figure named Aunt Cass makes an appearance.

She is the aunt of the San Francisco-based brothers Hiro and Tadashi Hamada, who own a bakery and coffee business. Maya Rudolph, a well-known American actress, provides the character’s voice.

Cass doesn’t have a significant part in the movie, but she undoubtedly had a strong online presence and is now a popular meme.

Explained Aunt Cass’s Meme Meaning

Because the character’s appearance was completely manipulated, Aunt Cass’ meme went viral. The large breasts, which have been incorrectly altered, make the subject seem more alluring. But in the movie, the garment completely concealed her.

This meme is often used to refer to anything seductive or enticing. However, the true character is quite different.

The Aunt Cass Meme’s Genesis

Rastifa, a member of Deviant Art, initially developed this meme in 2016. Due to the cleavage, this Rastifan photo caught people’s attention and generated a lot of member discussion, although it first failed to become viral.

When individuals abruptly began using this picture in sexual jokes on Reddit in December 2020, the meme quickly spread throughout the internet. This meme began to circulate over time, and today it is virtually everywhere!

As a result, the busty Aunt Cass meme has gone viral and the actual Big Hero 6 character has now gained unwarranted celebrity.

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What Makes Aunt Cass a Twitter Meme

Everyone on the internet is completely enthralled with Aunt Cass because she has become a Twitter meme, but why?

Well, it all began when a doctored picture of Aunt Cass with large breasts began to circulate on Reddit.

Everyone recognized her from the picture, and after that, online people began remarking on how gorgeous the cartoon lady truly is. Many people consider her to be the definition of beauty, and she has cut brown hair and green eyes.

Aunt Cass Meme

I literally re-watched Big Hero 6 due to Aunt Cass memes, someone said on Twitter. I can attest that she is attractive both ways. Another person said, “Got a major love on Aunt Cass from Big Hero 6.

She has just turned into a meme as a result of her beauty, and as a result, pictures of her are now taking over social media.

Overview of Big Hero 6

If you like movies, you must be familiar with this one. One of the key components of Marvel Comics is a fictional superhero family called the Big Hero 6. The well-known and respected artist Man of Action is responsible for this whole production.

However, you are mistaken if you believe that Aunt Cass Meme became more well-known as a result of this program.

We’ll thoroughly explain why Aunt Cass Meme became so famous in the next section.

Big Hero 6: Where to Watch

Here’s how to watch Big Hero 6 if you’ve seen the Aunt Cass memes that have been going around on Twitter.

The Disney film isn’t really available on any of your typical streaming platforms if you’re in the UK. It is not available on Sky, Amazon Prime, or Netflix. Where can you see it then?

The movie may only be seen by paying a subscription to Disney’s own streaming service, Disney+. If you’ve never joined up before, you can obtain a seven-day free trial before paying the £7.99 monthly fee.

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What are people saying about this meme on the internet?

The majority of people have appreciated this meme, which is also one of the reasons it became popular, even if we are unsure of the precise remarks and reviews about it.

A Conclusion

There isn’t just one reason why the Aunt Cass meme hasn’t taken off. Users have not simply increased the number of memes based on this trend because they enjoy it. However, the genuine persona is joyful and innocent, which makes this meme seem flimsy and immoral to others who are just now becoming familiar with this figure.

Please share your thoughts on this character and if you like these memes in the comments section.

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