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Top Real Estate Digital Marketing Tips to Boost Sales in 2022

The up-to-date real estate market goes through numerous changes these days. At the same time, lots of businesses feel the same effect of the digital era. Modern digital solutions are aimed at improving the current business processes. The real estate market players can gain lots of advantages once using digital solutions properly. It includes digital marketing as one of the super-efficient types of marketing.

Besides, once the company uses the latest technologies, it becomes more convenient for clients. For instance, almost 75% of homeowners prefer choosing the agencies that work with video touring and selling. There are numerous favorable real estate marketing ideas 2022 that can greatly boost sales. Many of them are based on custom real estate CRM software development ideas and familiar concepts. These operative tips help manage the real estate project more effectively. To create and successfully implement a beneficial digital marketing strategy, you should take a look at the following tips and guides.

1. Cultivate Your Social Media Strategy

How to Create a Social Media Marketing Strategy?

In the modern era, your potential clients check numerous platforms to find the wanted property. Often, getting video touring and checking the property details online is the most comfortable variant for clients. It allows checking and deciding on a few of the most promising properties without any need to visit every listed place. Many real estate agencies use all their creativity to create an official website.

Still, according to recent surveys, social media gathers more attention than official websites. You must include social media in your effective marketing strategies real estate plans. You can share the familiar or same posts on social media as you share on your website. Nevertheless, you should never avoid utilizing all the benefits most known modern social platforms can offer.

2. Create an Interesting YouTube Channel

Creating a teacher YouTube channel - FORMER BPS WEBSITE

Posting intriguing stories on social media is the first step in a strategy of digital marketing for real estate. For up-to-date real property agencies, it is important to offer more detailed information on every property. It is beneficial to create an interesting YouTube channel. You can use different information to share in your videos. It can be real estate tips, guides for clients, information about certain areas, etc. The channel does not need a million audience at once. You can have a relatively small channel and gain all the offered benefits. Besides, even with a small number of subscribers, you can gain a huge number of views daily.

3. Create Virtual Home Tours

Virtual House Tours: Pros, Cons & More | Zameen Blog

Arranging and filming interesting video home tours is quite beneficial for the agency’s online marketing real estate campaigns. For almost half of all buyers, online pre-tours are very essential. The up-to-date clients prefer checking the property online first before arranging a meeting with an agent. It greatly saves time and allows crossing out the properties you do not like at once. The typical engagement with the properties that come with an online tour is bigger than with the ones without a tour. Thus, it is one of the clever steps for agents to add online video home tours to boost the clients’ interest significantly.

4. Use Paid Advertisements Option

Among the effective instruments of a successful digital marketing plan for real estate, paid ads hold their solid position. You can use the benefits such types of ads offer. Firstly, once using paid ads, you can gain a bigger online audience faster. Secondly, your information goes directly to your potential buyers and sellers. You can use online targeting to decide on the target audience to direct your ads. It allows getting more attention to your agency and offered services.

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5. Create Your Company’s Image

One of the clever real estate promotion ideas is a small PR campaign for your firm image. You should present your team of agents to the audience. In such a case, you must create an “About Us” page. Also, it will be very beneficial to create an “About Me” page for every agent in the company. The clients prefer working with reliable agents. Thus, the information you offer needs to be aimed at letting clients trust you and rely on you. You should demonstrate how beneficial it can be to the assistance of a devoted and trusted real estate agent.

6. Collect Client Feedback and Testimonials

Mostly, the biggest percentage of real estate clients prefer working with reliable companies. The clients often monitor information about certain firms and agents. They check various platforms to find genuine feedback from clients. Make it your habit to ask your clients for testimonials and feedback. It will allow the potential clienteles to trust your services once checking other clients’ feedback.

7. Improve Your Current SEO Strategy

Use all the possibilities offered by SEO optimization to create and share influential content. Add numerous videos to your posts to boost the client’s engagement. Use another tactic to improve your metrics and gain higher rankings. This is one of the rules of online marketing for realtors to utilize all the available efficient tools and methods.

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8. Share Explanatory Trending Videos

Make your content richer with explanatory videos about the trendiest and most important topics for your target audience. Make your posts or videos viral to gain even bigger exposure. You can use the trending topics to improve your visibility and increase your potential client base.


There are numerous effective real estate digital marketing ideas to improve your sales. Once you are ready to improve your business, you can use all the tools and methods available. It includes creating a strong digital marketing strategy with the main focus on social media and SEO optimization. In addition, it is always beneficial for real estate agencies to create and maintain a YouTube Channel.

Offering clients online video home tours can be also very advantageous. Modern clients prefer checking properties online before arranging a meeting with an agent. You should pay attention to your agency’s image as well. People prefer choosing the services of the most trustworthy organizations. You can ensure your reliability and positive image once collecting and sharing clients’ testimonials and feedback. These days, you are free to use any efficient tactics and digital tools to boost your sales.


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