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The Trend of “Drake the Type of Guy” Memes 2022 is Once Again Becoming Viral on Twitter.

drake the type of guy

Despite his success in the hip-hop industry, Drake doesn’t exactly have a good reputation in the streets. Instead, the most popular musical export from Canada (of this generation) may be better recognized for his sensitive side.

Even though Suge Knight is a very threatening mogul, Drizzy’s renowned gentle attitude places him at the opposite end of the scary spectrum. This has led to the birth of a meme that has persisted for more than a decade, despite the fact that it initially appeared.

The “Drake the sort of person” meme ridicules the softer side of the 6ix god, with social media users creating scenarios and applying what they think the Honestly, Nevermind rapper would say and do in them.

Despite having been around for several years (at least since 2011), last week saw a massive resurgence in the popularity of the meme.

As of Tuesday morning, the top tweet in a thread containing numerous Drake memes had received over 11,000 retweets and 144,500 likes.

Others have joined in on the joke, portraying Drake as a cartoon character due to his good nature, amiability, and slight idiocy.

The man is being discussed in Loony Tunes terms, such as “Drake the sort of guy to sprout a cone on his head after getting hit” and “Drake the type of guy to dash through a wall and leave a drake-shaped hole.”

What Does the Meme Mean, “Drake the Type of Guy?”

The term “Drake the sort of man” joke refers to a cultural phenomenon in which people spread completely fictitious anecdotes about the musician.

Even if you haven’t been following the trend as closely as some of your fellow Drake fans, you’ve probably seen some of the popular memes over the years.

Generally, jokes about Drake range from him leaping into someone’s arms when he’s terrified to him being the type of guy to applaud the landing of a plane.

Twitter has been filled with jokes, so we went through and picked out the best ones.

Despite the fact that the trend started in 2013, Drake’s fans couldn’t help but create new memes this week.

The internet once again spiraled into a frenzy speculating about the kinds of habits Drake might have, possibly encouraged by the release of his newest album, Certified Lover Boy.

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One person said that Drake was the kind of guy who would sing while eating a bowl of fruit: “Fruit salad, lovely yummy.”

A second person commented beside a vintage selfie of the rapper with a heart carved into his hair, “Drake the sort of dude that counts sheep as he goes to sleep.”

A third admirer, holding up a yearbook picture of the musician, said, “Drake is the type of person to become offended when his friends don’t wash their hands.”

Drake is the kind of man who would answer Hufflepuff in a “which Hogwarts house do you belong in” quiz, said yet another user.

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