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The Dubai Porta Potty Tiktok Trend 2022 is as Gross as You’d Expect.

There is always a lot to keep up with on applications like TikTok when material changes so frequently. Because of the FYP page’s algorithm, trends may change quickly and you might not even be aware that certain items were even hot at the time. However, given the abundance of content available on the site, it’s conceivable that some of what garners attention may not be what you’d anticipate.

The “Dubai Porta Potty” trend is one of the most popular subjects on TikTok at the moment. Even if it already seems terrible, it’s probably worse than you’d imagine. Here is what we know so far and its history of it.

What Does “Dubai Porta Potty” Mean?

Let’s start by making it clear that there is no evidence that this truly occurs in Dubai; it is only a rumor that has gone viral online in April 2022.

Rumor has it that influencers and other young ladies do the “Dubai Porta Potty” in return for cash or presents.

It seems rather repulsive, but the theory goes that these women let people urinate on them in exchange for purses, shoes, and other hedonistic possessions.

Yes, we do refer to feces and pee as excretion. I know, it’s disgusting. But according to rumors, this is what happens.

Urban Dictionary claims that “expensive escorts” are “purchased by affluent guys” to attend “yacht parties” where they are urinated and faeces on.

How Did the Tiktok Trend About the Dubai Porta Potties Begin?

Although the origin of the TikTok craze is unclear, it is not a recent development. Body fluid-related kinks have been around for a while and have their own communities in BDSM-style settings. It’s also unclear how Arab males in particular came to be associated with this tendency since no given kink or fetish is exclusive to one race or gender group.

Despite the impression that travelers are taking off for the Dubai porta toilet fad, it’s possible that it’s less widespread than you may expect. Due to how common it has grown on TikTok, it could just seem like many individuals are doing it. Additionally, there are always some who fabricate unbelievable tales online in an effort to get attention.

The Online Users Are Angry

Over the last week, the idea has appalled users of social media on TikTok and Twitter.

It seems that films of the purported fraud are also widely available online, although we wouldn’t advise you to hunt for any.

Here Are Some Reactions of Online Users:-

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