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The 15 Most Innovative IoT Devices

The 15 Most Innovative IoT Devices

The 15 Most Innovative IoT Devices: We all like the advent of a new device, something that will make your life easier and more enjoyable, or provide you with a unique present idea for a family member or friend. That’s why, in our list of the coolest, new gadgets we believe you’ll like, we’ve gathered some of the most intriguing and inventive pieces of technology available right now.

We’ve got you covered whether you want to improve your listening experience with the latest speakers and headphones, increase your fitness with the latest watches and hi-tech trainers, maximize your home entertainment experience, or simply see what else is out there.

Make sure to come back often to see the most up-to-date gadgets.

1. Google Glass is a wearable computer. The incredible internet-connected glasses, which include a camera, microphone, and display, will completely transform the wearable device market.

2. Withings Scale:  These are wifi-enabled scales that recognise you, send your weight and body fat percentage to your phone and even monitor your room’s air quality.

3. Delphi Connect This is a fantastic way to connect your car to your phone, allowing for remote control and diagnostics.

4. Mother You now have a device that looks after you, much like a mother. It connects a number of sensors to monitor your health, safety, and well-being.

 5. Place SkyBell A wifi-connected doorbell that lets you answer your door from anywhere and receive alerts in the form of pictures so you can see who’s calling.

6. Trackdot When travelling by plane, it will track your luggage and notify you when it arrives at its destination, as well as how far away it is from the luggage belt.

7. Up Your Jawbone This smart wearable device connects to your phone and helps you track your activities, calories, and sleep.

8. Earbuds Septimu Microsoft is working on a project that will allow sensors in earbuds to determine your mood.

 9. Ice Cubes with Intelligence Smart ice cubes that pulse to the beat of the music while also keeping track of how much and how quickly you drink.

10. A wifi-enabled energy-efficient light bulb that you can control from your smartphone, changing colours and moods.

11. Smart Disposable diapers with built-in sensors that allow parents and paediatricians to monitor their children’s health.

12 Number Proximo Kensington When you move a certain distance away from your phone, an alert is sent to your key fob, preventing you from losing it.

13. Thermostat for the Nest A thermostat that will learn about you and adjust the temperature in your home automatically based on how it is used.

14. Belkin Wemo A line of wifi-enabled home automation devices that let you control most electrical devices from a single app on your smartphone.

15 iKettle for Firefox A wifi-enabled kettle that can be controlled from your smartphone. You may even have it start boiling as soon as your alarm goes off.

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