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Sergio Basteri Age, Career, Height, Weight, , Net Worth 2022 , and Girlfriend Are All Available Here

Sergio Basteri is one of the famous people from Mexico. Most people know Sergio Basteri as the younger brother of the musician Luis Miguel from Mexico.

Bio of Sergio Basteri

The 12th of January 1984 saw the birth of Sergio Basteri. He was born under the Capricorn zodiac sign and is 38 years old. His complete name is Sergio Gallego Basteri.

He is the child of Italian actress Marcela Basteri and Spanish musician Luisito Rey. After his father and brothers Luis Miguel and Alejandro left for Italy, Sergio’s mother reared him.

On August 18, 1986, his mother abruptly disappeared, and no one knows where she is today. At the Autonomous University of Guadalajara, this person also studied visual arts. He then started his career by instructing cooking and photography classes.


The details of Sergio’s career and personal life are unclear. He may be engaged in some activity, but the rest of the world is unaware of it. The Mexican singer Luis Miguel, on the other hand, is of Italian and Spanish ancestry. He consequently goes by the moniker El Sol de México (The Sun of Mexico), which his mother gave him when he was a youngster.

Additionally, this vocalist has performed in a variety of genres and styles, including jazz, big band, mariachi, tango, bolero, pop tunes, and ballads. He is also recognized as the lone Latin performer of his generation to have avoided the “Latin Explosion” of the 1990s in the Anglo market.

In spite of exclusively recording in Spanish, Luis continued to have the highest Latin music sales in the 1990s and is credited with popularising the bolero subgenre. Additionally, he is one of the best-selling Latin music performers with 60 million album sales worldwide.

Sergio Basteri

Luis is renowned for his highly successful live performances. This singer is the first highest-grossing Latin touring artist since Boxscore started keeping track of touring data in 1990, with a stunning total of $278.5 million. As of October 2020, this singer is placed second on Billboard’s list of the Greatest Latin Artists of All Time.

Furthermore, he traveled to 22 nations in North America, South America, and Europe for the 2010 Luis Miguel Tour. The longest and most successful tour ever done by a Latin artist, he played 223 gigs there over the course of three years.

Height and weight of Sergio Basteri

Sergio is a 5′ 6″ man. He is 62 kg in weight as well. This person has black hair and brown eyes. His other bodily measurements aren’t listed online, except for that. He does, however, have a physically sound and fit body.

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Use of Social Media and Wealth

Social media is not used by this character. He doesn’t use social media because he has a private existence.

His professional history, earnings history, and net worth are all unknown, just like his income and net worth.

Sergio Basteri Dating, Girlfriend

Sergio has never been in a relationship and may be single. His past and present marital statuses are therefore unknown. He might have dated or married a person, though, who is unknown to the rest of the world.

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