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Season 7 of Outlander: What We Know So Far

Outlander Season 6

Through our #TakeTheLead campaign, Starz is investing in unapologetic, bold premium storytelling that amplifies diverse perspectives and puts women in prominent roles on and off screen,” said Christina Davis, Starz’s President of Original Programming. “The critically acclaimed television series ‘Outlander’ exemplifies everything about our mission, from a strong female protagonist to an exceptional writing staff. In the next season, we want to see Claire and Jamie’s travels across time and space continue, especially as they relate to the American Revolution.

Roberts and company are “over the moon” that Starz has given them the chance to continue “Outlander’s” epic adventure, he added.

First Official Trailer Out Now.

Starz relieved the January blues of many fans in 2023 by releasing a teaser trailer for Season 7 early in the year. Jamie (Sam Heughan) is heard telling Claire about a dream he had recently (Caitriona Balfe). According to what he reveals, “there was light all around you” (but not from candles or fires). This must be what electric light looks like, I thought.

Considering that Jamie is from the 18th century, he would have been living in the dark for at least ten years before the advent of electric lighting. Can you really identify something you’ve never seen in real life? Claire asks, in a query that will undoubtedly revive speculation among fans regarding Jamie’s alleged incapacity to travel across time. His reply, “I dream about the past,” will be reflective of this. It makes no sense for me not to imagine a brighter future for myself. Hmmmm…

When Will Season 6 of Outlander Begin Airing on Starz?

Sunday, March 6, 2022 saw the beginning of Outlander Season 6, which included a two-hour premiere. Beginning the same day, it will be available on STARZPLAY in the United Kingdom.

There Will Be Sixteen New Episodes for Season 7.

Outlander’s sixth season was cut short because to the epidemic. Fans, though, need not be concerned. Starz recently announced a longer seventh season of “Droughtlander” consisting of sixteen episodes to make up for the lack of new material during the hiatus.

Outlander‘ showrunner Matthew B. Roberts said in a statement, “We are delighted to go into the editing studio to work on bringing the viewers one step closer to reconnecting with the family back on Fraser’s Ridge. Filming in 2021 posed an unusual set of problems, prompting the decision to shorten the season in favour of giving fans the most exciting and action-packed instalment as soon as feasible. When things settle down again, we’ll shoot 16 new episodes for Season 7 the following year.

When asked about the next season, executive producer Maril Davis even went as far as to label it “supersized” in an interview with ET.

There have been rumblings that this season may be the last, but nothing has been verified as of yet. On Twitter, Diana Gabaldon addressed the claims, saying, “Don’t pay attention to foolish click-bait online, is my advise. Season 7 _could_ be the last one, but it very well might NOT be. Nobody is aware of it. However, the persistent few are only met with non-answers like “Maybe” and the addition of ludicrous subheadings.

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Does Anybody Know Whether There Are Any Season 6 Spoilers for Outlander?

Yes, and with the upcoming Season 6 premiere, the show’s actors and crew have been releasing more and more of them daily.

“Jamie’s history comes back to haunt him, an old nemesis in the person of a guy named Tom Christie,” Heughan told Men’s Health on March 1. As he and Jamie shared a cell in jail many years ago, his arrival on Fraser’s Ridge with his family is seen as a harbinger of the beginning of the end for the Frasers’ reign of dominance. Moreover, Heughan said, “The Frasers have grown prosperous. The population of the town has increased. Both Jamie and his wife, Claire, have a commanding presence, almost like tribal leaders. Even though they are excellent landowners, the entrance of the new family heralds the beginning of a new era in Fraser’s Ridge.

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