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Season 4 of Double Cross: Premiere Date, Cast, and Cancellation/Renewal News!

Changes to the Premiere Date of Season 4 of Double Cross: On February 3, 2022, ALLBLK aired the debut of Season 3 of Double Cross. It’s certain that several mysteries from Season 3 of Double Cross will be resolved in Season 4. The sibling duo are a lethal one-two punch.

Dr. Erica Cross is getting married, but her fiancé is terrified of the prospect. When the police can’t get the job done, the twins take matters into their own hands. In the ER, she runs across her ex-lover, Dr. Cintron, who works as a nurse.

Eric aids his identical twin sister Erica in hiding the fact that Dr. Lowes, her fiance, has died. Eric and Erica commit the ultimate crime by promising to use all means necessary to track down the missing females in their area while he is out hunting for them.

Dr. Cintron goes looking for Erica and tells her he wants to patch things up with her. On the other side, Eric is curious in his new next-door neighbour Gi.

Date of Season 4 of Double Cross’s Release

Season 4 of Double Cross is expected to premiere in 2023. The new season of DOUBLE CROSS premieres in September, and fans can’t wait for its return.

Several mysteries from Season 3 were left unresolved, building up anticipation for Season 4. While there has been no official word on when Season 4 of Double Cross will launch, we have learned the premiere date from a variety of reliable sources. Nova Scotia Today will keep you updated on when the new season is available.double cross season 4

When Will the New Season of Double Cross Start?

However, there has been no formal announcement about the start date of DOUBLE CROSS SEASON 4, which the developers claim will air on ALL BLK in late 2022. The release date of the film was also determined after taking into account all of the social media buzz and remarks from the actors. This is, without a doubt, everyone’s preferred arrival date for Season 4 of DOUBLE CROSS.

Characteristics of the Double Cross Storyline of Season 4

Dr. Erica’s hospital’s emergency department and the streets guarded by “The Heights” have become part of a human trafficking network. There is a growing sex trafficking problem in the United States, and Eric, the Kingpin, together with Erica and Eric Cross, are on a quest to rescue all of the women in their area.

A famous emergency physician with a soft spot for patients and her brother, a notorious drug dealer, are both plagued by their past and vow to exact their own brand of vigilante justice.

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People of Season 4 of Double Cross

  • A. Darrin Henson
  • Williams, Ashley A.
  • Mr. Jeff Logan
  • Ms. Jasmine Burke
  • Mr. Norris Tremayne
  • Trust Malonte

The Final Season of Double Cross Teaser

Fans of the third season of Double Cross are eagerly awaiting the release of the trailer for the upcoming fourth season. In the next months, fans may look forward to a few more official teasers or trailers for the upcoming second season of Double Cross.

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