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Season 2 of Power Book 2: Ghost Has Released a Dramatic Trailer for the Season Finale!

The thrilling ending trailer for Power Book 2: Ghost season 2 has premiered online ahead of its broadcast this weekend.

In it, Tariq St Patrick’s friend and crime partner Brayden Weston (they operated a drug-selling syndicate together in college) arrives for the former’s court hearing, where he may testify against him instead of his brother.

Monet, on the other hand, Stewart Tejada’s request to kingpin Mecca to murder her husband Lorenzo in the previous episode hasn’t gone down well — he’s reconsidering.

“Why are you withdrawing now?” She screams, to which he responds, “I’m just saying we have to be careful…”

Effie Morales’ battle to reclaim her title Tariq also makes a brief appearance after she appears to have dumped his sometime lover Lauren Baldwin earlier in the film.

The teaser then depicts Dru Tejada pointing his rifle at an unidentified character before concluding with a cliffhanger.

Away from Ghost, the Power machine shifts gears on Sunday (February 6) with the release of Book IV: Force.

Fans may meet up with Tommy Egan as he travels across the storyline “When Ghost, LaKeisha, and the only city he’s ever known to leave New York, he takes a little detour to heal an ancient wound that’s been plaguing him for decades.

“What was supposed to be a simple stop becomes a maze of family secrets and lies Tommy thought were long buried. One thing leads to another, and Tommy soon finds himself in the middle of Chicago’s drug trade, sandwiched between the city’s two most powerful gangs.

“Tommy straddles the line in a city split by race, eventually becoming the lynchpin that not only unifies them – but also has the POWER to watch them disintegrate. As the first season progresses at a breakneck pace, Tommy leverages his outsider status to his advantage, breaking and rewriting all local regulations in his drive to become Chicago’s top drug dealer.”

Power Book 2 Season 2 Ending

Power Book 2 Season 2

The season two finale of Power Book 2: Ghost aired on Sunday, February 6, and the show ended with a literal bang.

After episode nine dropped some major bombshells – Mecca/Danté Spears (Daniel Sunjata) was revealed to be a notorious drug cartel informant – a secret only Tariq (Michael Rainey Jr) and Davis MacLean (Method Man are aware of – Monet Tejada (Mary J Blige) placed a target firmly on her husband Lorenzo Tejada’s (Berto Col

Meanwhile, Effie (Alix Lapri) appears to have dumped Tariq’s other woman Lauren (Paige Hurd) to have him all to herself.

The season finale trailer raised several questions ahead of the finale, like whether Brayden betrayed Tariq on the stand, whether Lauren was killed, and who was the mystery person Dru Tejada was aiming the gun at.

Those queries have now been addressed. Look away now if you haven’t seen the Ghost season two conclusion.

Did Brayden betray Tariq?

Power Book 2 Season 2

While we were all surprised to see Brayden Weston testify at Tariq’s murder trial in place of his brother Trace Weston (who was sick,’ Brayden did not rat Tariq out on the stand, instead of taking the heat for selling drugs on campus and giving up their successful drug empire Course Correct in the process. Tariq’s case was dismissed, and Professor Reynolds’ murder is now a cold case.

Later in the episode, we learn that Tariq’s college girlfriend Lauren Baldwin had died in a vehicle accident, as described by locals. Lauren’s death was discovered inside the car, along with a bag full of cash, which was most likely staged by Effie, who was brought Lauren by Brayden in the previous episode after Tariq had begged his college friend to keep Lauren safe and get her out of town.

Cane Tejada (Woody McClain), who sought confirmation of Lauren’s death (after all, he placed the hit out on Lauren), asked Brayden whether everything was all right, which the Weston student verified.

Effie, now that she has a solid grip on her man Tariq, appears to have the green light for their future relationship, but Tariq is astute and will soon discover that Brayden and Effie were the ones who set Lauren up.

Who killed in the Power Book 2 Finale?

With Dru holding a dummy bag and Diana armed with Mecca’s real bag, the two were also involved in the plan to trap his goons in a bloody gunfight.

Dru was beaten and held at gunpoint by BSK gunmen working for Mecca after meeting his boyfriend Everette (Bradley Gibson) until Cane physically leaped in and saved Dru. Following a brawl, Dru leveled the gun towards the last remaining BSK member when Cane stopped him and warned him, “not here,” before placing the assailant in the trunk.

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Fast forward to Mecca’s apartment, where we witnessed him make one more call, claiming that his “cover’s gone” and that they should arrive as quickly as possible.

Monet, the only person Mecca trusts, summoned Tariq to the penthouse after receiving the real bag from Diana. Mecca loaded his gun as Tariq made his way up the lift with a gun in his hand, ready to shoot Tariq.

Monet then pointed his gun at Mecca and shot him in the head. Tariq and Monet turned off the cameras and exited the building.

How the Power Book 2: Ghost Ending Lays the Groundwork for Season 3

Power Book 2 Season 2

Monet will undoubtedly discover that Lorenzo murdered her son Zeke, and the two will undoubtedly clash.

Tasha St Patrick (Naturi Naughton) – or should we say, Vanessa Edwards, who was living in isolation in witness protection – also returned.

Tameika Washington (Quincy Tyler Bernstine) returned to birth Tasha’s baby Yasmine – now Olivia Nicole Edwards – with Tariq’s assistance. When Tasha – we mean Vanessa – inquired about Tariq, Tameika stated that she did not know someone by that name and that if she did, Vanessa should forget about them.

Tasha isn’t one to abandon her family, so the St Patrick’s are bound to reconcile at some time.

Tariq, who had agreed to assist Monet in carrying out her plot to assassinate Mecca, did so, taking him out of the game. With no Lauren, Yasmine, or Brayden (his father removed him from Stansfield following his confessions on the stand), Tariq chose to stay in the game and assist the Tejadas with their ongoing drug activity.

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Blanca Rodriguez (Monique Gabriela Curnen), a determined NYPD detective, made a surprise return, brandishing a grainy image of Tariq St Patrick in Mecca’s penthouse reception after he was shot dead, standing over Mecca’s killed body and saying, “You called me too late.”

Blanca scowled at a grainy image of a probable suspect after being handed it, adding, “Tariq St Patrick, we meet again.” Could Tariq be back in jail for the murder of serial snitch Mecca in Ghost season three?

If that wasn’t enough bang for your buck, defense lawyer Cooper Saxe (Shane Johnson), who was sleeping with the enemy Prosecutor Jenny Sullivan (Paton Ashbrook) throughout season two, decided he was sick of David MacLean’s (Method Man) shady lawyering and would inform on MacLean and St Patrick to get justice for Professor Carrie Milgram and Lauren Baldwin.

Fans also saw the return of Redman’s Theo Rollins, who is currently incarcerated for a murder he did not commit. The shooter was at least four inches taller,’ and the trigger finger was pointed at Davis MacLean, who is trying hard to get his brother out of jail.

Who Will Return for Season 3 of Power Book 2?

Power Book 2 Season 2

Power fans, rejoice: the popular show will return for a third season with returning cast members, new characters, and a significant overhaul.

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Courtney Kemp, the show’s creator, will also step down as showrunner but will continue to produce the show. Kemp will be working on other projects at Netflix. Brett Mahoney, who previously worked on Empire and The Following, will take over as showrunner of Ghost.

Kesha Sharp, who has previously acted in The Good Fight and the Lethal Weapon TV series, will make her Ghost debut with Mary J Blige and Michael Rainey Jr as Professor Harper Bonet.

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