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New Patch 7.32c Dota 2: Prelude To The International 2022

It has been a month since Valve implemented the 7.32b version of Dota 2. Now, after a while of waiting, the devs released one final patch ahead of TI11 to apply further nerfs to heroes and minor changes to areas of gameplay that were affected in the previous patch.

This new 7.32c update involved the fixes along with plenty of tweaking and rescaling different potentials, including cooldown times and damage output, for a large part of the roster. Among the most important changes are updates on the Earth Spirit, which received the most feedback from the community. In addition, a majority of meta heroes from the previous patch, such as Dawnbraker and Enigma, were once again nerfed in this version.

Based on these changes, all of the squads preparing for TI11 have new things to get working on, especially those who are going to battle out at the Last Chance Qualifier on October 8. Also, chances are that betting on LCQ matches can be affected with this new patch now in rotation. Make sure to check out the first-day results on g204.bet and then move on to making your predictions. Below, we will highlight some of the biggest hero’s changes from the official patch notes list.

Strongest Heroes in 7.32c: Major Nerfs

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The update was aimed at finding a negative trend of the previous patch and bringing plenty of fixes to such areas. In addition, the devs actively reworked a good chunk of meta heroes to refresh the look of the roster on the competitive scene. In this paper, we will leave you with a number of important points that could potentially change the gameplay of Dota 2.

Faceless Void

Faceless Void was one of the meta heroes with the highest win rate in TI11’s qualifying lists. Even though the hero left unscratched in 7.32b, he couldn’t escape from some adjustments in the latest patch.

The hero’s Time Walk Aghanim’s Shard was weakened from 300 to 150 range, and Time Dilation was also reduced in the early levels – from 10/11/12/13 to 7/9/11/13. The Orb changes and Refresher Shard also impacted the Faceless Void’s late-game potential. The hero will not be able to perform a triple combo that easily on a single cooldown timer and eliminate the ability to decrease cooldown time while sitting in the backpack anymore.

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Despite undergoing sizable fixes in the previous versions of 7.32, Viper also continued to have a negative trend, especially against safe lane carries, mainly due to the continuous movement speed slow of Poison Attack. The latter was reduced from 6/8/10/12% to 3/6/9/12% in the latest patch. Therefore, the Poison Attack will be weaker in early levels with almost no adjustments to its late game potential.


Marci had a good run at the TI11’s regional qualifiers with a 66% win rate in 53 games played. So, Valve decided to nerf her in this patch by decreasing the Dispose Throw from 275 to 250 range and not allowing players to discard creatures impacted by Black Hold or Chronosphere anymore. As for Unleash, the hero will not be able to pass through immunity to magic due to the speed low movement and attack. Even though these are subtle changes, chances are that they will bring her dominance down a notch.


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Visage was hit hard in the first iterations of 7.32. This resulted in an insane showing at the TI11’s regional qualifiers: the hero was the first most-picked option with 42 games and had a win rate of 69%. However, the Valve devs dialed the nerfs back a bit in the latest patch.

The hero’s Grave Chill recharge has been increased from 16/14/12/10 to 17/15/13/11 seconds, the radius of Gravekeeper’s Cloak has been reduced from 1200 to 900, and the duration of the recovery health when used with Aghanim’s Shard has been increased from 35% to 25%. In addition, her tablets were changed to include the hero’s speed and gargoyles reduced from 25 to 20 at Level 20.

Other Adjustments

Most notably, Faceless Void, Viper, Marci, and Visage were hit in 7.32c with some sizable nerfs, along with some early and late game modifications. In addition, Dawnbreaker could not escape from the crossfire of the smaller changes, as if the hero needed any additional reasons not to be picked during regional qualifiers for The International 2022.


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