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Learning to Code Gives Kids Practical and Vital Skills

Learning to Code Gives Kids Practical and Vital Skills

Children need to understand how the digital world works because technology isn’t going anywhere soon. Learning how to operate a computer and smartphone isn’t something adults today did as kids, aside from perhaps using a typing program in school.

Being fluent with the technology around us means going beyond knowing how to navigate the devices and learning to write the code underneath the websites, apps, and video games we play.

Let’s look at how online coding classes give kids practical skills they can use in the workforce one day and intangible skills, too.

Coding Languages That Matter

The most direct skill children can walk away from coding classes with is the ability to write code in the coding languages industry uses. Leading programs like Real Programming 4 Kids focus on just these coding languages.

Don’t enroll your child in a coding class unless they teach some or all of the following languages:

General computer skills are great to have for different reasons, but nothing replaces knowing how to write the code on which the modern digital world is built. No skill could be more practical!

Excellent Mentors

The best online coding classes hire undergrads with backgrounds in computer science and computer engineering. Such teachers have specialized knowledge, and are also young enough to relate to students as young programmers.

Look for a program that caps class size at four so that every student gets the attention they deserve from their teacher. The best teachers are helpless when they’re drowning in students, as this tends to cause a disruptive atmosphere that makes learning difficult.


If kids have a great time, they don’t need any other practical or even intangible benefit. Pleasure is its own reward!

That’s why the best online coding classes revolve around showing kids how to create their own video games. Any parent who has ever tried separating their child from video games understands the love kids have for gaming — they’ll love creating them even more.

Trickle-Down Benefits

Finally, there are several trickle-down benefits to online coding classes that give children a truly rich experience. They’ll learn to think in logical, analytical steps and practice testing their thinking.

Learning to code involves trial and error, which reinforces and helps build self-esteem since kids need to learn that mistakes are an essential part of the learning process and not something to beat yourself up over.

Coding is also a language, not unlike French or Hindi. Learning a new language always helps to develop and stimulate the mind! Like learning music, learning a new language can promote and strengthen synaptic connections in rich and surprising ways.

If you want the shortest route to get the most practical skills future jobs require, you should take online coding classes. If you didn’t care about preparing a child for their eventual career and simply wanted them to have fun in a stimulating environment, you’d also take online coding classes. Whether it’s practical or intangible skills, kids can learn an awful lot when they learn to code.

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