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King Of Real Estate “Martell Holt” Net Worth 2022 Explored

Martell Holt is an American finance manager and reality television personality. He is well-known for his work on the Oprah Winfrey Network’s “Love and Marriage: Huntsville.”

Martell jointly owns two businesses: Holt and Holt Entrepreneurship LLC and Holt Custom Homes. Martell Holt is projected to have a net worth of $20 million starting in 2022 thanks to all of his endeavors.

Early Years

The man was born in Huntsville, Alabama, in the United States. Given that his birthday is January 4, 1982, he is 40 years old as of the time of writing. He earned a Bachelor of Science in Education from Alabama A&M University in 2008 as a resident of Huntsville.

After leaving school, he started his most memorable job choice at Sparkman Middle School. After deciding to pursue another line of work, he worked as a schoolteacher for a while.

He started a finishing business, and as it expanded to win private and commercial contracts, he had to devote more time to it. He was also starting to become interested in real estate at this time.


Holt is featured in the Love and Marriage establishment on OWN in addition to a business endeavor and a real house. Three real-bequest couples who are African-American are featured on the reality show.

The show’s married couples have been friends for a long time and are eager socialites with true feelings. Many of the show’s viewers like Martell and his sidekick Melody, who are currently separated.

Melody and Martell were strongly linked to the plot twist of the show. In actuality, they had the notion to stage such a show. As they navigate the challenges of love and responsibility while working their way toward wealth, they currently help the town flourish through their real home organization, the Comeback Group.

Net Worth of Martell Holt

Martell Holt’s predicted net worth in 2022 is $20 Million, according to popularnetworth. Reality television, sponsorships, brand endorsements, and ads all bring in money for him.

He also earns a sizable sum of money from his real estate endeavors. His writings also increase his income.

Personal Life: Martell Holt

Martell Holt gained recognition after becoming married to Melody Holt. Martell Holt’s wife, Melody Holt, is a successful businesswoman, writer, and motivational speaker. The ceremony was held on July 20, 2008. Before being married, they were together for a very long time. Together, they had four kids: Malani Simone Holt, Maliah, Mariah, Martell, and four more.

Martell and Melody’s separations are apparently frequent these days. In June 2020, his wife Melody filed for divorce. They were finally divided in April 2020. Because of Melody, he was unable to see his children.

Later on, the couple made amends, and today they are living together. Martell had a child with Arianne Curry while he was still married to Melody Holt.

Martell Holt

Did Martell Holt and Arionne Curry actually have a child?

As devoted fans of Love & Marriage: Huntsville may recall, Martell and his lover of more than five years, Arionne Curry, made the announcement that they were expecting a child about the same time as word of Martell’s divorce spread.

Martell typically posts candid pictures of his most recent family outings on Instagram. Strangely, adult ladies only occasionally show up, and none of his most recent posts mention Arionne.

According to Distractify, Arionne was due to deliver birth in December 2020. Her earlier Instagram stories indicated that she did give birth to a child after a challenging labor. Additionally, Arionne hinted via her Instagram stories that Martell might have desired a DNA test to establish the boy’s paternity.

Property Owned by Martell Holt

Martell Holt’s career began in 2008 when he agreed to take a job as a teacher at Sparkman Middle School. Early on, Holt acquired a business attitude. But as he worked to build his own business, real estate was his main area of interest.

So, in order to pursue his interest, he created Holt and Holt Entrepreneurship LLC in 2009 in addition to his work. This company offers a wide range of services, including home construction, remodeling, and repair, to its area consumers.

The business gained attention and started to win more contracts as a result of its low-cost and innovative strategy. Martell left his job as a teacher in 2010 so that he could dedicate more time and energy to his expanding company.


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