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Kane Lim’s Net Worth And All Other Information Is Here (Updated 2021)

kane lim net worth


Kane Lim’s Net Worth: Kane Lim is a reality television personality. Lim describes himself as a developer and investor in real estate. Lim became famous after participating in the program ‘Bling Empire.’ He was born in 1989 in Singapore and is a businessman. He was born in Singapore.

Early Years

Kane Lim was born in Singapore on December 5th, 1989. Lim is now based in the United States. Sagittarius is his zodiac sign. Lim received his diploma from the Fashion Institute of Design and Merchandising in 2013. He is a Singaporean businessman and reality television celebrity who has participated in Netflix’s hit reality show “Bling Empire.”


Lim established his own company at the age of 17. At the age of 20, he had his first million. On his Instagram profile, he describes himself as an entrepreneur, real estate developer, investor, and philanthropist. He is based in Los Angeles and concentrates on his family’s investment.

His major interest is in fashion. We get a glimpse inside his magnificent wardrobe on Instagram, which includes hard-to-find Audemars Piguet diamond-encrusted watches and the newest products from Dior and Balenciaga.

Lim joined the cast of Netflix’s new reality show ‘Bling Empire‘ in 2021. It was set in Los Angeles and followed a rich circle of Asian and Asian American acquaintances. He became famous as a result of the program. He was not pampered like other privileged children in Singapore while he was growing up.

His father pushed him to utilize public transit instead of being escorted to school every day. Shopping complexes and office buildings are supposedly owned by the family. Lim told an interviewer in 2019 that he started trading in equities when he was 17 years old. He borrowed money from his father and returned it within two months. Kane is now putting his money into real estate in Los Angeles.

Kane Lim’s Net Worth

Kane Lim, 32, is from Singapore and was born into a family with an enormous fortune in real estate, oil, and shipping. Kane is a self-made billionaire, with an estimated net worth of $20 million. He started investing in stocks at the age of 17 and had earned his first million by the age of 19. Kane is also a real estate agent for The Oppenheim Group (yep, the same one from Selling Sunset) and a Fenty Beauty ambassador.

What Does Kane Lim Do With His Cash?

Kane Lim lavishes his wealth on designer shoes and jewelry.

The Shoe Collection of Kane Lim

Kane’s shoe collection is reportedly valued at around $365,000.

Jewelry by Kane Lim

Lim adores jewels and has been seen wearing some of the world’s most valuable pieces.

Kane Lim’s Favorite Quotes

“Singapore represents a multicultural, all-embracing, melting pot of people. I grew up with Indians, Malays, Chinese, Caucasians, and African-Americans. I really appreciate that upbringing. The country is also really accepting in terms of religion.” – Kane Lim 

“I think in Buddhism, letting go of things doesn’t mean you have to let go of the current moment completely. “You can own it, but you don’t have a fear of losing it. So if I lose something today, I have to be able to let that go. It doesn’t mean I have to throw my material stuff away. What Buddhism teaches you is not to have the idea of grasping it too tightly.” – Kane Lim

“I loved the film. When my friends first invited me to the premiere, I was like, ‘I’m not going. I don’t want to watch a crazy rich show. I just thought that the connotations of being rich could come off as very negative, obnoxious, rude, and in your face.” – Kane Lim 

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Kane Lim is a reality television personality, investor, and collector from Singapore.

It should be mentioned, however, that he is said to come from a family worth billions in Singapore, due to interests in shopping malls, commercial real estate, oil, and tankers throughout Southeast Asia.

Kane Lim’s net worth is expected to be at $20 million in 2022.

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