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Jack-o, What is This Challenge? How This Went Viral On Twitter?

You might have seen the Jack-O Challenge this week on social media, and if you want to participate, you’ll need to be very adaptable.

This is one where taking gymnastics classes might truly pay off.

Whose Jack-o Challenge is It?

You’ve probably seen the challenge go viral on social media, but what is it exactly? It certainly has a big following among gamers.

The latest DLC character for Guilty Gear Strive, Jack-O, is exactly where the whole thing originates.

In essence, the “#jackochallenge” is encouraging users of social media to mimic Jack-incredibly O’s flexible (or uncomfortable?) position.

People who are following the fad are painting well-known characters in the “Jack-O” posture; others are even striking the pose physically!

This Friday, the character will make her debut on the game’s character choice screen (27th August).

Here Are Some examples of The Jack-o- Challenge:

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