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Isha Price Sister Of William Serena Is Married To Felix Fayron | Age, Bio, Profession, Career, Children, Net Worth 2022

Isha Price, a well-known public figure in the United States, is best recognized for her work as a documentary filmmaker and lawyer. Tennis stars Venus and Serena Williams are both hailed as her half-siblings, making her a household name. In addition to her own incredible achievements, Isha’s mother, Oracene Price, is well-known for her remarkable life story. She and her sisters, Venus and Serena Williams, have been spotted together on a number of occasions.

When was Isha Price born?

The date of Isha Price’s birth is August 18, 1975, making her 47 years old today. As a professional and as a person, she had an extraordinary experience. Oracene Price and her father, Yusuf Rasheed, lived together as a family when she was younger, but her father tragically died as a child. In 1972, Oracene Price tied the knot with Yusef Rasheed, but the union was short-lived. When Yusef Rasheed died in 1979, it was due to heart failure.

However, Isha was the biological child of Orecene Price and Yusef Rasheed. She was the only one of the three children. She also has two other sisters that were born to her. Her elder sister, Yetunde Price, died in 2003, and she had a beauty salon at the time. Brother-in-law of Isha Price, Lydrea Price is currently working as a Web Designer.

Even though she holds a legal degree, Isha has never mentioned her academic experiences in public. Both the Georgetown University Law Center and Howard University awarded her degrees with honors.

Isha Price’s Birthday

During her mother’s marriage to Yusuf Rasheed in 1972, the relationship was short-lived. Due to a heart attack in 1979, Yusef Rasheed died. Isha, on the other hand, was a biological child of Orecene Price and Yusef Rasheed, her biological father. In addition to this, she has two further sisters who are related to her biologically.

As a young woman, Yetunde Price ran a beauty salon with her older sister. As a Web Designer, Lydrea Price is Isha Price’s sister.

Isha Price Family (Nationality & Ethnicity)

Isha Price’s Biography and Wikipedia– Yusef Rasheed, Isha’s father, died in 1979, as previously indicated. Her mother, Oracene Price, married Richard Williams in 1980 after the death of her father. In the tennis world, Richard Williams is a well-known former player from the United States who has won a number of international tournaments.

Richard Williams and Oracene Price are Isha Price’s stepfather and mother, respectively.

The mother of Venus and Serena Williams, Oracene Price, gave birth to Isha Price’s two half-siblings after marrying Richard. Tennis players Venus and Serena are among the best in the world. Their coach, Richard Williams, has coached both of them to Grand Slam victories.

Since her divorce from Richard in 2002, Isha’s mother no longer lives with Richard. Despite being 70 years old, Price’s mother revealed that she is currently an American Tennis coach.

Isha Price Siblings

In terms of Isha’s siblings, there are two who are her blood relatives. Yetunde Price is the older sister of Isha. She is no longer here to see the light of day. She used to own and run a beauty salon. Robert Edward Maxfield shot and killed Yetunde on September 14, 2003.

Robert Edward used a gun to shoot Yetunde. Isha’s older sister died while she was just a teen. Lyndrea Price is the name of Isha’s sister. She works as a web developer. In addition, Isha has two half-siblings from her mother’s second marriage. Serena Williams and Venus Williams are Isha’s half-sisters. Both are well-known tennis players in the United States. Isha and her half-sisters have a special affinity.

Isha Price

Isha Price Career

Isha had no idea she’d end up finding so many documentaries in the future. However, she had previously worked as a lawyer in the United States. According to her mother’s Wikipedia page, Isha is a lawyer. For her own interests and entertainment, she has also invested in the documentary titled Venus and Serena, focusing on the lives of her two famous sisters. After seeing her sister’s documentary, she decided to invest in it. With the release of ‘King Richard in 2021, she returned to the public eye with a new project. Red Table Talk was also created at the same time as the television show.

Isha Price a Profession-Driven Attorney?

Isha Price is a lawyer and producer in the United States. When she first started out, she worked as a lawyer. For her part, she is an accomplished attorney. Isha is also a producer in her spare time. She’s invested in a number of documentaries throughout the years. Isha also invested in a documentary on her two half-sisters, “Venus and Serena,” which was filmed about them. Isha has achieved a great deal of success and fame in her professional life.

Isha Price

Amount Earned by Isha Price

How much money does Isha Price have in the bank? It is estimated that Isha’s current wealth is between $1 and $2 million USD. As a producer and a lawyer, she gets paid quite well. Her work as a lawyer brings in an annual salary of $80000 on average.

Description of the Appearance of Isha Price

Isha is attractive on the outside. She stands at a height of 5 ft. 3 in. Isha’s body weight is approximately 95 kg. Isha’s eyes are black in tone, and her hair is lustrous black. She is a member of the Afro-American cultural community. She’s a pleasant person to be around. Isha Price is a joy to behold, a joy to behold, and a joy to behold. Isha has a bright grin and a happy demeanor. Isha is a fan of contemporary designer clothing.

Marriage and Family Life of Isha Price

Who is the husband of Isha Price? Isha Fayron is a 47-year-old mother of two who shares her home with her husband Felix Fayron. Felix married her a long time ago. The media has seen a picture of her and Felix Fayron together, and she has publicly declared her love for him.
Despite several years of marriage, the couple has yet to have a child of their own. Serna Williams and Yetunde Price, Isha’s sisters, have given birth to nieces and nephews.

Alexi Olympis Ohanian Jr., Serena Williams’ new niece, was born. Jefrrey Bobbitt Jr., Jair Bobbitt, and Justus Bobbitt were all born to Isha Price’s true sister, Yetunde Price.

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Accounts On Social Media:

Isha Price is now unavailable on social networking. It took us a long time to uncover any official Isha Price social media accounts, even after completing the extensive investigation.

Isha Price: 7 Facts You Didn’t Know

  • On no social media platform is the price listed.
  • Isha, a young woman, is a little overweight and has never gone to the gym.
  • She enjoys dressing up in the latest trendy fashions.
  • She and her sister Serena Williams performed karaoke together earlier this year.
  • Her half-sisters, Venus and Serena Williams attended the 27th Annual Critics Choice Awards with Isha.
  • She enjoys Karaoke because she enjoys singing.
  • Price has a good voice.
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