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Discover How to Clear Cookies on Android with Easy Steps in 2021

Are you looking for the right way to clear cookies on android?

Browser cookies are stored in our memory because we’ve been using desktops for a long time before Android was even thought of! Cookies are also stored in the cookies area when we use the browser on Android devices, such as search preferences, login status, and more. Such pieces of information saved in the cookies allow the browsers to load previously visited pages more quickly. Your personal information may be shared with third-party advertising without your knowledge, though. Now you know why you’re bombarded with adverts depending on what you’ve recently done online. When you see the same thing over and again on every website, it might be aggravating (as I believe as well). Therefore, I prefer clearing cookies from time to time and I am going to share the steps of how to clear cookies on Android.

But first, I want to tell you what are browser cookies and site data in brief.

Have you ever seen cookies and site data in your browser settings?

That’s right, this is where some of the data is kept. In order to avoid having to re-enter your password or username each time you visit the browser, simply save your password or username once. In this way, it becomes simple and fast. Clearing your cookies may be a necessity as more data accumulates over time.

How to delete cookies on chrome?

If you require to clear cookies of chrome on android, follow the simple steps below:

1) Start Google Chrome on your Android phone and look for the 3 dots menu icon in the top right corner.

2) Go into the menu and select History.

3) Now select Clear Browsing Data.

4) This is the place where you can select how much data you want to clear. You have the options of clearing cookies on Android: last hour, last 24 hours, last 7 days, last four weeks, and all time.

5) Select the option of cookies and site data and then click on Clear data. 
It will redirect you to a pop-up, where you will see the site’s URL. Make sure if you want to delete all of them or save some.

6) Finally, click on Clear. The process will clear cookies on phone.

How to Clear Cookies in Edge on Android?

So, you are a user of Microsoft edge. Well, it is good. But you are here because you don’t know how to delete cookies on your phone. So, let’s explore the easy steps that will help you clear all the cookies:

1) Go to Microsoft Edge on your mobile. Look for the 3 dots menu icon in the bottom bar.

2) By clicking on the three dots, you will see the option of settings.

3) In the settings, go to the privacy and security section.

4) Scroll down and look for the option – Clear Browsing Data.

5) Select> cookies and site data and tap on the Clear button.

We have discussed the option of the time limit in Google Chrome which allows us to delete the history of the particular period. But Microsoft edge does not provide that option. So, you will have to clear it all.


Now that you know how to clear cookies on Android and tablet, decide particular time intervals in which you want to clear it.
The above steps are simple and easy, but in case, I have missed anything, you can share it with me in the comment box.

Stay tuned for more tips and tricks!

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