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Fortnite Lawler the Verge Server: Do You Have Permission to Play Fortnite?

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Richard Lawler joined The Verge as Senior News Editor in 2021 after several years reporting news at Engadget. He’s been a tech blogger since before the word was created, and will never log off.

Fortnite servers are back online after a huge five-hour outage stopped users from logging on, among other issues – The hit battle royale game told players “You do not have permission to play Fortnite.” — There was some bad news if you’re on holiday break and wanting to play some Fortnite …

There was some bad news if you’re on winter vacation and hoping to play some Fortnite, as Epic Games battle royale shooter was down more than five hours on Wednesday — and this time it wasn’t to help develop the game’s narrative. According to a tweet from its own status page, “Fortnite is presently down and players are unable to log in as we investigate a problem. We’ll share additional info when we have a way to bring services back online.

A follow-up tweet at 3:10 PM ET from the team claimed they were “continuing to work on a fix that will get Fortnite back online and appreciate everyone’s patience.” As of 6 PM ET, we hadn’t heard anything since, however, at roughly 6:30 PM ET gamers claimed the game was operating again, which we have been able to confirm.

The Fortnite Status Twitter eventually tweeted to indicate the game is back up, promising that next week (or, next year) there will be updates on “what we’re doing to help you make up for the lost time.” It also acknowledged some customers might notice an extra in-game present to unwrap, but said the team is working on that.

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Our own senior entertainment editor Andrew Webster reported problems with the program, which was warning many gamers, “You do not have permission to play Fortnite.” The corporation started examining the issue at roughly 11 AM ET before the servers fell offline fully a couple of hours later.

When the servers initially fell down, the Epic Games launcher wouldn’t even start Fortnite, saying the servers were offline, but later it would try to load the game. Unfortunately, after launching, as many players have reported and we observed in a test, it just placed you in a line for 10 minutes or so and then failed to connect. Now, as of 6:45 PM ET, opening the game pulls gamers right into the action.

Around the same time the incident started, the Epic Titles Store was also having problems, as some gamers complained they couldn’t log in or even access their games for offline play. Now at least the Epic Games desktop launcher is working so you can still play other games on your PC.

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