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Final Fantasy 16 – Why I Believe It will be a Blunder

Final Fantasy is a Japanese video game series. According to Google Statics, this game is like by around 87% of total Google users.

Initially, this video game is created by a Hironobu Sakaguchi. It is the franchise of Japanese science-fantasy media. Currently, it is owned and developed by Square Enix. Its first version was launched on December 18, 1987. After the first release, 14 more successful series was released. And the latest part of the Final Fantasy series is Final Fantasy XV. It is also a role-playing action game. The edition was published for the PlayStation 4 and Xbox One in 2016. While Microsoft launched the game in 2018 and Stadia in 2019. Now, the game is available for platforms like PlayStation 4, Xbox One, and Microsoft Windows. As per sources, the developers are working on releasing Final Fantasy XVI.

What is the gameplay of Final Fantasy Series?

Final Fantasy Gameplay
Final Fantasy Gameplay

Final Fantasy series is a field of battles. In these games, players are allowed to explore the gaming world. The single purpose of the game is to explore by defeating other opponents. You have to encounter enemies while exploring. The players can use combat orders like “magic,” “fight,” and “item.” In different series, the game is using the various battlefield.

In the latest edition, Final Fantasy XV, players take control of the main protagonist Noctis Lucis Caelum during his journey across the world of Eos. Gladiolus, Ignis, and Prompto also accompany Noctis. But the players can only control Noctis. He can navigate through simple movements, navigate, and sprint. During some story scenes, dialogues appear for Noctis. There is two difficulty mode for the game. Players can easily switch from one to another in between battle.

What are the different series of Final Fantasy?

final fantasy series
final fantasy series

There are a total of fifteen releases of this game. Here’s the list of them to their release date.

  • Final Fantasy, 1987
  • Final Fantasy II, 1988
  • Final Fantasy III, 1990
  • Final Fantasy IV, 1991
  • Final Fantasy V, 1992
  • Final Fantasy VI, 1994
  • Final Fantasy VII, 1997
  • Final Fantasy VIII, 1999
  • Final Fantasy IX, 2000
  • Final Fantasy X, 2001
  • Final Fantasy XI, 2002
  • Final Fantasy XII, 2006
  • Final Fantasy XIII, 2009
  • Final Fantasy XIV, 2010
  • Final Fantasy XV, 2016

Out of all games, Final Fantasy VI is more adored by the players. Ratings of Final Fantasy VI is higher than any other edition.

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What are the features of Final Fantasy 15?

Final Fantasy Features
Final Fantasy Features

Each series is different in its own way. Let us about the features of the latest release i.e., Final Fantasy 15.

  • Map: Map of Final Fantasy is massive. Also, there are no loads screens in between the battle to interrupt you. You can drive, walk, or take a train to anywhere in this virtual world. You can also take more risk by driving into the area where there is more number of monsters.
  • Drive: One of the latest features in Final Fantasy XV is that you can ride a vehicle anywhere on the map. The ability of a drive makes it easier for you to travel and play faster.
  • Start with close friends: Unlike the older version, you can start the game now with a group of your close friends.
  • Cover: Final Fantasy XV provides you the protection. It allows you to duck behind an object to protect yourself. This feature is similar to Gears of War.
  • Magic, Combat, and Summons: These three have taken the game to the next level. Summons are the ‘Protectors of Earth’ in Final Fantasy XV.

What to expect from Final Fantasy XVI?


Final Fantasy XIV director Naoki Yoshida in his recent interview, tells about Final Fantasy XVI. He said that he would like to see a new game that returns the series to its classic fantasy roots, and gets away from the high-tech aesthetic that has proven popular in recent years. Square Enix is currently searching for a fascinating story for Final Fantasy XVI. The director also claimed that the edition would beat Kingdom Hearts series. According to the resources, the game may take its inspiration from the Kingdom Hearts series,

How to download the Final Fantasy game?

Download Final Fantasy
Download Final Fantasy

For Android and iOS:

For Android and iOS Final Fantasy Brave Exvius from this game is available on Google Play and App Store. The game is officially published, Square Enix.

For Windows:

For Microsoft Windows, you can download the latest version by this link.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

  • Which is the best Final Fantasy game?

The players most adore final Fantasy VI from the Final Fantasy series.

  • Is Final Fantasy XV successful?

Final Fantasy XV is the latest official edition of Final Fantasy. With its latest features like providing cover and drive, the game gained popularity among players.

  • Can I play Final Fantasy XV in my android?

Final Fantasy XV supports platforms like PlayStation and Windows. But you can play Final Fantasy Brave Exvius in your android, iPhones, and iPads.

  • Which Final Fantasy made the most money?

Final Fantasy XI earned maximum money for the directors.

  • What are the computer requirements for Final Fantasy XV?

Here are the recommended computer requirements for Final Fantasy XV:

  1. CPUIntel: Intel Core i7-3770 AMD FX-8350
  2. Graphics Card: GeForce GTX 1060 6 GB
  3. Memory: 16GB
  • When will Final Fantasy XVI launch?

Currently, there is no such official announcement for the release. But the studios assured its release soon. Also, the director claims that the gameplay of Final Fantasy XVI will beat the Kingdom of Heart series.


I had myself played Final Fantasy XIV and Final Fantasy XV in PlayStation. Though the earlier versions of this game like Final Fantasy XII, Final Fantasy XIII, and Final Fantasy XIV aren’t much fascinating. But, Final Fantasy XV has taken the series to the next level. Final Fantasy XV has successfully able to grab the players’ attention. With the latest features like cover and drive, the game has created a real battlefield in the mind of users. And, the massive map of Final Fantasy XV is itself a worth. I recommend you all give it a try. Because experience speaks more than words!


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