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Fans Confused by Zinmanga Name Change as Url Redirects to Topmanhua


Manga enthusiasts were perplexed when Zinmanga led them to TopManhua; what happened to the fan-favorite website?

Zinmanga lovers have been rushing for the previous 12 hours to discover their cherished manga lists after the site gave them TopManhua, implying that their comic collections were no longer available.

Since Zinmanga’s official account has been quiet, Twitter has been swamped with readers looking for answers.

Where is Now?

Zinmanga has gone overnight, and readers are now directed to TopManhua.

Even the Zinmanga URL changes to, indicating that it is not simply the site design that has changed.

Unfortunately, there has been no confirmation of the change, leaving fans in the dark and angry after losing their recordings.

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Redirection of the Website

One fan speculated that Zinmanga’s URL registration may have expired and been acquired by Top Manhua.

While the latter may own Zinmanga, redirection happens when the website is designed to divert visitors to a different domain. You do not, however, have to control the new URL; you may redirect to any site you like, even Google.

The good news is that the URL Zinmanga still exists, but you can’t access their content, which means they may halt the redirection anytime they choose and let visitors back to their original website.

If Zinmanga’s address was fully removed, readers would be sent to a blank page that read: “This site cannot be visited.”

There are two types of redirections: 301 and 302.

If the owner does not want to use the original URL – in this example, Zinmanga – again, 301 refers to a permanent redirect.

The second, 302, refers to temporary redirections while the website is undergoing extensive maintenance.

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Alternatives to Zinmanga

Since we don’t know if and when they’ll return, here are some alternatives:

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