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Editing is Art & the Smart Artist is KineMaster (Top 10 Features)

Kinemaster is one of the most famous and highly used video editor apps worldwide. Editing is a new era thing. Most of the people holding smartphones apply many tips and tricks to make their videos even more attractive. Todays, videography is done by professionals and beginners.

Video is just a moving picture until the final touch to the video. KineMaster is a very powerful tool to use for editing. This app is very much easy to use and has a lot of features that will wow you for sure.

There are plenty of applications for video editing, but the problem is you cannot afford a new laptop for editing and in your smartphone, you need the best of the best video editor at very low cost or for free.

This application can be run on android, apple, mac, and window. It has 2 different plans for a subscription. The first one is for one month and the second one is for annually. But before that, it will give you a free trial period to use this application so that you can experience the premium quality for free and decide whether the application is worth purchasing or not.

There is one saying that first uses the trust. It has downloads in millions. And amazing user experience by users who perform editing procedures on their videography.

What is Kinemaster?

Well from the above you must have gotten an idea about this app but still, we will discuss more in this paragraph. An app that has very premium tools for editing that can be run on different platforms. You can use it for free or enjoy the pro features and you want to remove the watermark of the company, then you need to purchase the subscription.

Kinemaster lets you perform different activities and some of them are blending mode, transition, special effects, subtitles, cutting, trimming, voiceover, audio, chroma-key, speed control, reverse videos, instant preview and etc.

Basically, by using this application, you can create so many videos using pro tools and upload them to all the social sites so that people may know you can become your fans if they are impressed by your skill and your content on videos.

Top 10 Features of Kinemaster

This is not just a video editor. You will be wowed after checking out what is actually this application is consists of. 10 are the topmost and the few that I am going to explain below.

Multiple video layers

kinemaster multiple video layer
kinemaster multiple video layer


Not just video but you can use unlimited text, stickers, special effects and many more. It totally depends on your creativity and imagination that who cool and I catching editing you can create by adding multiple video layers. You can add up to 10 layers on this application which totally depends on your device compatibility like if it is of lower version of android may get problems while layering multiple videos. You can animate those videos by adding keyframe animation

Multi-video layer is one thing and you can also use multiple texts, stickers, multiple images, and overlays layers. It’s on you that you going to merge them to get your resulted outcome.

Blending Modes

blending modes in kine master
blending modes in kine master


These blending modes are probably available on other applications too, but there you get to explore even more variety of blending modes with effects. By using blending mode tools, you can clear out the background color that is white or black and make it custom according to your needs.

Most creators use this tool to add some startling and add beautiful effects to their videos to make them even more attractive and eye-catching.


how to Export kinemaster
how to Export kinemaster


Export is the major factor in KInemaster. After going through all the editing, adding, removing and trimming your videos, the last step is to export your work to that format which can be accessed easily on other devices.

Kinemaster provides you with the option to export your work to the highest resolution available which is 4k. You won’t be losing any pixels of your videos or quality won’t be affected on editing.

Reverse your video

reverse video in kinemaster
reverse video in kinemaster


You must have seen a lot of videos on social media that can’t pe possible but they do it and you wonder how they actually do it. Like if your empty the toothpaste and reverse the video then it will be the whole new video that will show you the process of getting paste into the container which is not possible normally.

You can do other experiments with your reverse video tool on Kinemaster. You can make a video with a reverse tool and then share that video with your friends by doing some tricks on video, that will amaze them.

Chroma Key

Image result for Chroma Key in kinemaster

This is one of the most used tools in Kinemaster like this tool has been used by youtube creator and other video containers. The chroma key is the feature where you can change the background of your video. But the only condition is that you have to have a green screen while shooting.

I am sure that you have seen these things in movies which also called VFX and green screen effects. All those sci-fi movies are made on a green screen. If you are new to this editing world then this will be the game-changer for you.

Imagine you are creating your videos using a green screen and you are making videos setting at your home. Now the chroma key enters here and you can change your video background and put it the location of Paris with Eiffel tower, see how this tool is very helpful and definitely easy to use.

Trimming tools

Image result for Trimming tools in kinemaster

This is the main purpose of this application, which is editing and removing the unnecessary part of the videos and make it more effective to watch. In this application, you can easily cut out any part of the video. Also, you can trim the videos and you can keep the required part of the videos.

While editing, if you see the unwanted screen area is showing on the video that can be removed from the video by cropping the video. You can also split the video into as many parts you want. Make a slice with a slice tool.


Image result for Filters in kinemaster

What makes a video even cooler and attractive. Yeas the filters, the filters are applied to give a beautiful touch to the video. You will get a lot of filters that are totally free of cost to use in Kinemaster. Filters can be downloaded from the store, you can add as many filters you want.

Pro Audio Features

Image result for Audio Features in kinemaster

It has pro audio tools that can be used for separating the video and audio from your video. Also, you can also add more audio at a time, like you can add up to 8 audio at the same time. It supports many audio formats so you don’t have to worry about the format while importing the audio file.

Speed Control

Image result for Speed Control in kinemaster

Speed control also plays a major part in editing a video. You can increase the speed to make it fast forward or you can slow down the speed of the video to make it slow motion. This slow motion is in trend these days. As you know, tik tokers are making videos and they got the option for slow motion in it but all other creators who are shooting the videos with the normal camera they can use Kinemaster to make their video in slow motions or in fast motion.

Voice recording

Voice recording in kinemaster
Voice recording in kinemaster

When you shoot your video, it may get to much noise in it from the surrounding. You can either use the proper audio equipment and then shoot the video or if you don’t what to spend money on those mics then you can simply record your voice according to the video and adding to the video later on.

Download Kinemaster on Android

Kinemaster on Android download
Kinemaster on Android download

Initially, this application was built for an android platform where users can you for their editing purpose. Kinemaster is too easy to use because of its interface, very simple and convenient to use. If you are thinking that you are new to this application or you never have done any editing and just a beginner then you no need to worry about it. Everyone can easily understand and use the tool for editing purposes.

Now the question is where you can get this application to download on your android, well pretty much simple then you think. If you are a very experienced android user then its a piece of cake for you to down because you know where you can get this. But if you are new to android then there are the steps by which you can get the best editor that you have been looking all this time.

So, follow the steps to install Kinemaster on your android device.

  • Starting with your data, make sure you are connected to the network.
  • Then go to the google play store.
  • Type Kinemaster in the search bar at the top.
  • A very first application with more than 2 million reviews will show up
  • Like the app and tap on install
  • Once download, you have to install on your device
  • It may ask you to allow for unknown source on your device, you can turn that on by going to your mobile settings
  • After installed on your device, come back to your home screen and open the app and start using it.

Download Kinemaster on IOS, iPhone, iPad


Image result for Kinemaster on IOSThis is one of the video editors that has been used by professionals and pro editors. Not only that but also been used by tit tokers, creators of youtube videos and vines. Educators on their website and tutorials, vloggers throughout the globe. This is the power pack application where you can perform so many creative stuff by using tools like multiple video layers, blending modes, voiceovers, chroma-key to change the background

Speed control of your videos such as slow-motion or fast forward, transitions to make the video even cool, video reverse can also create tricks for you, special effects always work as a game-changer for the editors and creators.

It’s common to have difficulties on IOs devices if you have never used them and you have been using the android and suddenly move to IOs then this is for you. Below I will tell you how to download this video editor on your IOs device or iPhone or Ipad if you are new to this platform.

Those who have already been using the iPhone for a while then they can skip below steps

  • Starting with your data, make sure you are connected to the network.
  • Then go to the App play store
  • Type Kinemaster in the search bar at the top.
  • A very first application with more than 4 million reviews will show up
  • Like the app and tap on install
  • Once download, you have to install on your device
  • After installed on your device, come back to your home screen and open the app and start using it.

Last words

It doesn’t matter if you are an specialist in editing or a beginner, you just need to know that Kinemaster gives you a lot of tools that can help you to create a very attractive and beautiful video and you can share it with you friends and family. Let me know what do you think about his article and also drop your comment if you can any questions related to this article.


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