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Download Rules of Survival free for Android/IOS/Windows/Mac

rules of survival game

rules of survival game

In the chessboard of Battlefield and Royale Battle games, Rules of Survival (RoS), also holds someplace next to a horse or a camel. The online video game Rules of Survival holds 3.9-star ratings from Google Play and 4.5-star ratings worldwide.

Rules of Survival (RoS) is an online multiplayer royale battlefield video game. This is one of free to play video games. The online RoS game is developed and published by NetEase Games in November 2017. And within one year, This game gained 230 million players across the globe.

In May 2018, the game was officially released on Steam. In the gaming world, Steam is a video game digital service distribution. Steam facilitates users to install and update different video game automatically. This game supports 120 to 300 real online players at a time. Like other battlefields, & it’s aims to find a player who stands out among others. The one who survives to the end is the winner. Currently, the game is available for Android, iOS, Mac, and Windows.

What are the features of Rules of Survival?

Rules of Survival also holds all the essential features of a battlefield game. Here is the introduction to all:

Massive Players:

This game supports a large group of players. 120-300 real and online players can fight in a battle. Though, you have to select a different map for playing with 300 players.


Rules of Survival provides two different maps to players.

  1. Ghillie Island: This map supports 120 real online players at a time. The dimension of the map is 4.8km×4.8km.
  2. Fearless Fiord: This map supports 300 real online players at a time. The dimension of the map is 8km×8km.

Game Mode:

There are two different game modes.

  1. Gold Mode: In this mode, players earn gold as rewards.
  2. Diamond Mode: In this mode, players earn diamonds as rewards.


You can play Rules of Survival in four different modes. You can play it solo, duo, squad or in a fireteam. The squad comprises of four members and Fireteam consists of five members.

Battle Royale Combat:

The player who uses his wits and skills


You can drive various vehicles like jeep, car, etc.. You can choose the vehicle according to your terrain.


You can use different weapons in Rules of Survival. Even you can upgrade your weapons during a battlefield.

Accessories and Items:

You can use pick and use various items like medical kits, weapons, and other gifts. Also, you can use a helmet to protect yourself from headshots.

Free to play:

Rules of Survival is free to play royale battle video game.

Low space required:

This game requires very low storage to run. The game can operate well in 2 GB. Although I would suggest, you have 4 GB of free space on your device for a lag-free experience.

What is the gameplay of Rules of Survival?

Well, as Rules of Survival is inspired by the battlefield’s king PUBG, its gameplay is also quite similar to PUBG. Like other battlefields, players are airdropped to an island. As all players land, the game begins. Weapons are distributed to players. The players have to explore the island and survive.

The player can also loot and kill other players to survive. Random supplies of weapon or medical kits are airdropped in between games. After each level, the players are rewarded with game currencies based on their kills and skills. You can use this currency to purchase weapons or any other need. As the game proceeds, the safe zone grew shorter. If a player goes out of the secure area, he gains both: Risk and Rewards. The one who stands till the end is the winner of the game.

How to download Rules of Survival?

If you want to play Rules of Survival in your device, you can download it from the following links and steps.

download rules of survival

Download for Android:

You can install Rules of Survival directly on your Android device. This game is available on Google Play services. You can search Rules of Survival on Google Play and can install it in a few simple clicks.

You can also go through this link to install it.

Download for iOS:

For your iPhones and iPads, you can get by searching it on the App Store. Search Rules of Survival on App Store and tap on install.

You can also use the following link.

Download for Windows:

You can play this game in your PC also. Follow to link to install Rules of Survival on your Windows.

Download for Mac:

You can install Rules of Survival on your Mac devices from the given link.

Apart from these, the game is also available on Steam.


Rules of Survival is now played by more than 280 millions players across the world. The game holds good and fair ranking in different sites—steam awards 6 star ranking to the match. The only rule to this game is safety. Keep yourself safe from enemies and other players. Invade your unsafe zone with safety and precautions. Loot and kill others to win the battlefield.

Play, Stand till the end, Win and Enjoy!


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