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Download PUBG PC Full Version For Free

Download PUBG PC Full Version For Free

Download PUBG PC Full Version For Free

Pubg Game is not only a game, but this is also a revolution in the field of gaming. For the very first time, any game has made such a huge buzz around it and also successfully gained the popularity among the youth and the kids of today’s generation.

It is very obvious that the youngsters are attracted to this game but it also gaining the audience from the age group of 10 years old boys to 50 years fully grown-up people.

On the initial day of Pubg, it didn’t get that much of response all of the sudden. Actually, this is human nature that if we think something is out of budget then we don’t buy it. in the same way, at first most of the gamers thought the way to waste around 1.5 Gb of data for just a single game. And believe me, my friend, data usage does matter.

This game launched on the 23rd of March, 2017. The full name of Pubg is playerUnknown’s battlegrounds. As the name is suggesting, this is all about battling to some random guy in a strange map with sort of weapons and equipment.

Inspiration and background story

Just like any other multiplayer game, this is also an online multiplayer battle royale game. This game is developed and published by the Korean company blue hole. This game also inspired by the 2000 Japanese film ‘Battle Royale. This game first released in Microsoft studio and after that came out to the mobile device.

Some unbreakable records

Pubg made some pretty amazing records in terms of selling the video game and also pulled a huge number of audience towards itself. The game got over 400 million users including mobile version. This game became the most played game of all time. Also sold over fifty million copied of the game worldwide

My Pubg Pc game journey.

I have been playing Pubg for almost 2 whole years, I played this game every possible place, day-night, in office, in a toilet, in marriages, in job interviews, in short, I was totally addicted to the game. I have also uninstalled this game 40+ times from my device. But by the end of the day, I adjust to playing only for a limited time.

Don’t worry I will also tell you how to get rid of this game addiction in this article. Make sure to read it till the end. I thought I have much experience with Pubg and I could write this piece of the article for the reader.

The Gameplay of Pubg Pc game

As the name of the game suggests. This game is all about battling with some other player from any other corner of the world. This is a player VS player shooting game. More the sharp shot more your chances of survival. An airplane holding up to 100 people on it, jump with a parachute. Land on a strange island and this is how every match starts. There are 4 maps and initially, it was only one named ‘Erangle’. Scale area are approximately 8 × 8 kilometres (5.0 × 5.0 mi), 6 × 6 kilometres (3.7 × 3.7 mi), and 4 × 4 kilometres(2.5 × 2.5 mi) in size.

While opening the parachute, you should know a good time, location and distance. Otherwise, your game will end in seconds. Once you land on the surface you have to search for the weapons in the building or you can see the ghost towns and other locations for weapons, armor, equipment for your guns too.

When you start, you just got the customize outfit which doesn’t affect the game. But I will advise you put on the outfit according to the maps. We will discuss further details about the maps below. There is no compulsion that you need to play with 3 others. This game has three modes and whichever you prefer you can opt for that and play accordingly.

After the few minutes of the game start, the countdown for the blue zone starts. The blue zone is sort of a restricted circle which starts after a few minutes of the game starts and it starts to shrink slowly-slowly if someone left behind this zone will get the damage and eventually will die. During the match, some of the areas get red which is called the red zone. In this particular red zone, the bombing starts and if any player left in the open area might get under the bombed area and die.

In between the interval of time, a plane passes by and leave an airdrop that contains very high-level equipment such as Gilli suit, AWM, 8X scoop, level 3 vest, level 3 helmet, etc. even you find any flair gun then you can shot it at sky so that the plane can see the flair light and send some supply through airdrop

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Types of playground in Pubg Pc Game

If you are new to Pubg and don’t know much about it then this is your free tutorial. Well, there are 3 sections for the map particularly divided by classic mode, arcade mode and the last one is EvoGround mode.

In classic mode, all matches are of a long length time period. If you are a good player and you got about 30 – 40 spare then just enter a classic mode and your 30 minutes will be gone in no time.

In arcade mode, you can choose any of the modes such as if you want to play like 10 minutes then click quick match, the area will be small and the players will be also reduced. Other is sniper training where you will get all the snipers inside the building and you have to play with them also, no AR (assault rifle), no SMG (submachine gun) or short guns.

In war, this is the fun mode where you can respawn as many times you want but before ending the game. This mode also consists of different gun modes like SMGs, or ARs or short guns or Kar98.

In EvoGround mode, here, you do not need to worry about being killed and throw out to the lobby. In this mode, you can actually improve your gameplay

In evoground there are other rooms to play such as Arena training, here you will have a set of guns including AR, SMG, Sniper, and short guns. You have to pick your best gun or the gun with you can kill more opponents.

Other on is team deathmatch, here you will have your own loadout of guns which can be changed from the inventory.

Next one is the domination room, here you have to capture the area specified by the name A, B and C. there will be a time count down for that time period, you need to cover the area which is activated more time than the opponent. More time you start, more easily you will win.

The next one is the assault room, this is just like a team deathmatch but the change in the map. This map is based on the ruins alteration and it is more fun map as compared to warehouse

Recently Pubg added few more rooms, one of them is RageGear – TDM. so this one is basically played on the vehicle where your partner will get either the weapon or the driving and vice versa. You just need to defeat their vehicle 20 times and you will be the winner.

With the same concept, there is a room named RageGear – Pick, this is different from the TDM on, there you need to pick up the boxes as much as you can to win.

Many game players were missing explosive weapons such as RPG, M3EI-A, MGL, and many others. This room is just like a classic mode which means full-length game but this time instead of AR and SMGs there will be exclusive weapons. A good thing about this room is if your partner is dead then you can pick his card from this carate and bring him back by taking the card to the communication tower. You can do this as many time as you can.

The last room in this for the risk-takers, not because there will be many opponents but because there will be many zombies and there you have to survive till the dawn. The name of the room is a zombie : survive till dawn 2. Before the update, there was one more room that was an infections room. In that, the player spawned in the room and randomly some players changed into zombies and they have to infect the other ones and the non-zombie player have to save themself with the zombies.

These zombie rooms are pretty crazy after the dusk. All the zombies get faster than before and the density of the zombies also increased. Also, the developer increased the capacity of the bag where you can add more bullets. It’s too dark sometimes to see through the smoke.

Maps of Pubg

The maps are a crucial part of the game. For the initial days, Pubg introduced only one map and then they started to add more maps. There are 4 maps in total. Developers observed the different places to come up with these maps. You will find many similarities if you go around google and search for the location match with these maps. Let me explain you these maps in detail.


This map was the first one to introduce. Even today, the majority of the players prefer to play this map. They know all the tips and tricks, where to hid, where they can find the most loot, where players won’t land or where the player will land the most. All these things make this map the most favorite of all.

This map actually inspired by the island located in Russia where armies used to test the weapons and other explosives. That is why you can see the military base and the shooting range on the map.

Some of the hot drops where people like to land in search of guns and other items are Pochinki, Georgopol, military base, school, Rozhok, Mylta power and many more. These are the locations where most of the players want to land and get the kills as many as they can.

Orange 2.0 is under development. Once it’s done then it will be available for all the devices. The makes keep on removing the bugs of the games and improving the map. There were so many glitches but now 90% of the glitches are fixed now.


This map os the second one in the series. After the Erangle this one was introduced. This map is totally opposite of the Erangle. This is also known as the largest map of all maps on Pubg. here your chances of getting prone and kill the opponent reduced to 0.

This map also got inspired by the location which exists in the real world. It was taken from the part of the city of San Diego, California. The size of the map is 8X8 kilometers. The sniper lover also plays this map because of the clear weather and the long-range area without any cover.

The hot drops for this map are san martin, los leones, El Pozo, pecado and graveyard. These are the location where the players prefer to land. But in case they don’t want to rush and decide to play safe then they try to go as far as they can go with their teammates.


This map became the new favorites of many. The main reason behind this was the map was short and concise. If you want to play rush and do not want to get bored by the large maps and keep on running from the blue zone then you can play this map as this was is the shortest map of all.

The size of the map is 4X4 kilometers, which means there is no room for holding back and play safe. This map also is known for the intense and thrilling matches for the Pubg players. Those who don’t know about if the map is real-life based or not then here is the thing. this map was analyzed and observed from the location of Thailand. You must have played this map and if yes, then you should have also landed at paradise resort, yes this location is exactly the same as the real location but the name of the resort is called Khao Sok Paradise Resort which is in Suratthhani, Thailand.

Other places like ha tinh is also a real location somewhere in Thailand. As I mentioned before that this map is the shortest on and there is no place for campers on this map but the player still to camping, especially at the bridge. Every location on this map is the hot drop, nowhere is safe, if you are actually looking for the escape and want to play safe then you need to fly far as possible from the main route of the plane.


This map is the last map for Pubg mobile but in Pubg pc you get a new map to play and what will be discussed below. This map was introduced in the reason for winter where most of the time you will get to see the snow and that is why this map is snowy. This map looks very attractive but that is not actually the thing.

In this map, you will see some different vehicles as compared to other maps. These vehicles are fragile and explode very soon on shooting them. This map also inspired by the real-life location which is based on an isolated Northern resort island on the Adriatic Sea.

This map is small than Miramar and erangle but the bigger than the sanhok which is very obvious. As this is a pretty big map so there are some hot drops which are villa, Goroka, castle, cement factory and many more. This map game could be time taking for the players.

Difference between Pubg PC and Pubg mobile

This game came out on different-different devices and probably all the devices run this game very smoothly. People might think that why Pubg has to create the game for mobile and also for PC. the answer to this question is pretty simple.

There are soo many game lovers out there who play many games and also go live for their fans. Who they gain fans is the way they play and other people like that. There are too many things which are not the same in the case of PC and mobile games.


Pub Pc Screen

First we take the screen size. Bigger the screen for the game more the fun and the good experience of the gaming will be there. Somehow you can also play the mobile version on pc but for that, you need to take the help of a third-party app to cast the screen and controls.


Players who are being played on pc have the habit of using the keyword only so they will get the controlling very easily and they can play with the keyboard even better. In mobile, you can either use your 2 thumbs or you use the 3 finger game or 4 fingers totally depends on the gameplay style of yours.


There is no doubt that the pc version of the game takes much more space than the mobile version of the game.

Maps: if we talk about the maps, I have already covered almost all details about the map above but there is only one difference is the pc version has 5 maps including the latest one. The mobile version still has the same 4 maps for now. The new map on pc is just like the Miramar but he shorter version of it.


yes, the Pc version of Pubg is paid one. But, the mobile version is totally fir for all and any mobile or tablet devices. The important thing is the players can also play the Pubg mobile on PC by using some third-party application

What is the new map in Pubg Pc Game

For the pc Pubg players, the Tencent has launched the new map which is kanakin. This map is not available on mobile version but it is now available for the pc users. This map is sort of looks like a small version of Miramar.

The dessert-themed map where you can’t hide for much longer. Other then the pcs the Xbox and ps also got the latest 6.1 patches and the new season 6 has been added to these devices and they have received a lot of new items such as he Motor Glider, Sticky Bomb and the new map is also included on this

Why Miramar is called the map of SMG

When I started playing this game, I was addicted to this game and I played so many games on all three of the maps Erangle, Miramar and Sanhok. Almost after a year of playing, I realized that the Miramar and the vikendi both map are smg maps. I majorly use an assault rifle and I had a habit of killing an opponent with AR. but by the time passed by I only get Smgs guns most of the time on Miramar map. At that moment I realized that the map is actually an SMG gun map.

Why Sanhok called the map of snakes

If you have played this map then you know this for sure, why this ma actually called the map of snakes. Well, the first thing that I really don’t like about this map is the weather. To be honest, every time I think of killing the other players, just because of the bad weather of the game I got killed.

This map is green and has very big grass on the ground. It is very difficult to figure out exactly where is enemies are hiding. If you want to get through the whole squad then you need to get prone and you are safe for the time being. Even by standing really close to the enemy won’t find you until you give them your footsteps. A piece of small advice, if you really don’t want to get killed on this map, make sure you check out your surroundings before putting your steps forward.

why I don’t like about the vikendi

Vikendi is not a bad map or something but personally I don’t like this map. First of all, the weather is the issue, every time it’s dense and foggy weather that you will bust your eyes on your screen.

The second thing is the vehicle if we see the vehicles of other maps, they all are durable and won’t explode easily. But, in this map, the vehicle just needs to get 10 bullets of AKM and the vehicle is a boom.

The third thing that I don’t like is the map is literally a big map. I know this map is smaller than the erangle and the Miramar but still, it will feel like you have been playing for ages

Elements you will get in maps

Once you board on the plane then there is no going back, then you need to either finish the game or you have to have someone in your team to protect you. You jump with only a parachute form the plane and then you need to find all the required items from the empty buildings and houses. Let’s see what are the elements you can get in these maps.



Modes of playing Pubg

There are two ways you can enjoy your Pubg. You have seen many games with no person on the screen that is called the first-person perspective (FPP) and the game where you must have seen a guy on the screen moving here and there and you can actually see the movement of characters body, that is called the TPP(third party perspective)

Any match you wish to play with any of the mode FPP or TPP, you can switch accordingly. If you have the experience doing action with FPP then opt that if not TPP is a default one.

Some pro tip for Pubg

Every day, someone is just started playing Pubg and they don’t know how to survive. Actually now you will find soo many OP playing in every lobby. More the pro player lesser the chances of a win. For the new players out there, here are a few basic tips you can start practicing form the very first day.

Play Evoground: my advice is to play as much as Evo ground you can. This is the room that will definitely make you a good player. I have seen so many players becoming a pro player by just playing deathmatch or the arena training. You will get the experience and you can make your own plans and strategy for a close encounter or close-range fights.

Try aiming the head: a very pro tips you won’t get from anywhere else. Every time you kill another player, try to point your gun on the head and then fire. This will make your headshots ever more accurate and it will be difficult for the other person to retaliate.

Make the best control management: the controlling of the aim is the master key for becoming the pro player. You can customize your controls from the settings. For a few days on your games, you won’t have the stability on your aim and it will recoil a lot. To control your recoil, first, you must train yourself in the training room. The second thing is you need to get the good attachments for the weapon so that it will not shake while shooting.

Your proper audio device

All the weapons list of Pubg.


Assault Rifles

Designated Marksman Rifles


Submachine Guns

Sniper Rifles

Light Machine Guns





Melee Weapons

Why we can’t find Groza and aug in empty houses?

You will be very confused about some gun which you will not find them inside the building or empty houses or apartments because they are the premium weapons and they have a higher fire rate and the damages as compare to other weapons.

These two guns can be found in arcade mode. You can also get these guns in the airdrop. Also you can have one of these two guns by shooting the flare gun if you get one.

Best servers for Pubg

Before you start your game, you must check the server you are playing. Actually there are 6 servers like Asia, Europe, Middle East, North America, and South America. You need to check whether you are getter a clear network connection and you have a healthy ping on your device.

You can also play any other server as they are also accessible bu the problem is you will get difficulties while playing. It may lag or make your gameplay slower

PUBG Minimum System Requirements

Let’s come to some major points which are the system requirements for the PC. if you are thinking of getting a system for your self to play Pubg or any other game which required a good pc to handle the big games like GTV 5 and 6. Pubg is one of the most played games and if you what to enjoy the best gameplay of your life then you need to get a good computer system to play Pubg on full ultra HD.

Start with the minimum system requirement as this is the necessity of the game to at least have a system to run the game. So below is the minimum requirement of any system to run Pubg

Operating system – 64-bit window (7,8,10)

Processor – Intel Core i3 or AMD FX 6400 onwards

RAM – need to have at least 4GB

Graphic card – Nvidia GeForce 2GB or AMD Radeon HD 7850 2GB onwards

Directx – version 11

Internet connection – Broadband required

Harddisk space – minimum 2GB of space need to free

These were the specs if you just want to install this game and play with your friends. If you don’t want to put all the gears to top high

Pubg recommended system requirement

If you are playing the game by compromising the actual pleasure of the game then that is not what you wanted to do with the very minimum system requirement. Well for Pugb, I have the best-recommended system requirement for you.

Operating system – 64-bit window 10

Processor – Intel Core i5 or AMD Ryzen 5-1600


Graphic card – Nvidia GeForce GTX 1060 6GB

Download Pubg game for PC

All the requirement for the system is done. Now the time to install the game on the PC. there are several ways to download this game. You can get this game directly from the official website of Pubg or you can also download it from the stream. The PC version, console, and other platforms are paid one and if you want to play this game on pc and the pc version itself then you need to purchase it.

On purchase, you will get the game and you can play it on your pc and you need to purchase UC for the many different customized items from the crates.

Download pubg lite for pc free download full version.

After getting too many users and the complaints from the users who do not have a very good pc or laptop to play the original version of pugb. To solve this problem, Tencent comes up with a light version of the game named as pugb lite. This is specifically developed for users who have low-end devices.

This is totally free of cost for the pc version. And you can download it from the official website. There is a beta version of the lite game is available in many countries, but still, you can also access them by using VPNs on your pc or laptop

How to download Pubg using Tencent gaming buddy.

Tencent gaming buddy work with the android platform. Below are the steps to download the pubg pc using Tencent gaming buddy

The first step is to download the Tencent emulator on your device. Once you download the emulator then only you can install the game on your device. Here is the link to download the emulator

Pubg playing devices

This game is expanding every day the day passes. First, it was on Microsoft studio then slowly-slowly it rolled out for PC, PS4, Xbox, mobile and IOS too. Very soon it will be also available on Google stadia also.

Updated new on pubg

Pubg is finally coming up with a new idea for merging the two parties from Xbox one and ps4 can come together to play on the same side of the game. Players from Xbox and player from ps4 can team up to play on the same map

Play Pubg free on pc

Yes, you heard it correct, you can play pubg on pc without pay a single penny. Where is how you can do it? To play Pubg on pc you need to install Pubg mobile on pc and that is totally free to anyone

You have to install a Tencent emulator that works for android. Once you download it then you need to add pubg game in the Tencent emulator. Once you add the game, it will show you the data space it requires to download. You can start the downloading and leave it till it’s done. After completing the download you have to start the game through Tencent itself.

Top 10 PUBG Players looting cash in real life.

If you think that by playing Pubg you are wasting time then you are totally wrong about it. Gamers from all over the globe are playing this game and earning real money. They just go live and play the game on different platforms such as youtube, twitch or omlet whatever you prefer to play with. Below are the top 10 players across the globe who earned the money by playing pubg.

Lionkk has earned $184,390 within a year

Xiaorong has earned $163,256

silentBT_has earned $159,862.

Xiaohaixxxx has earned $158,219

EscA has earned $184,688.

Sambty has earned $138,071

Ibiza has earned $126,821.

Jeemzz has earned $126,821

Simsn has earned $125,494.68

Chelator has earned $125,123.13

Wrap up

This is the beginning of the best in-game era. Other than Pugb there are others too that you can try but I can surely say that you will be back to the Pubg again. To give the strong competition to the pubg, call of duty also introduced in mobile version and as parallel, Fortnite is also getting the popularity

Many of the players stopped playing pubg because many of the users are using hacks in the game. Hackers are all over the game nowadays. They just want to increase the kill but they literally spoil the games of others. What’s one of the main reasons why players stopped playing.

Some noob players also take the help of hackers to achieve the conqueror level. This is one of the reasons why I stopped giving my time to pubg.

That is all for now, if you have any queries related to this article, drop a comment in the given section below.

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