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How Did Car Dragon Song Becomes Viral On Tiktok? Know The Latest Trend?

After participating in the “Dragon Car” challenge, TikTokers are left in shock, and many of them are perplexed as to why.

The song used in it has also caught on with the fad thanks to its upbeat melody.

Here is all the information you require regarding the most recent Car Dragon challenge and the music used in it.

What is the Tiktok Car Dragon Challenge?

The users’ sharing of their responses to various trends and difficulties is one thing that never changes on TikTok.

However, you must research the Car Dragon challenge in order to complete it. The trend essentially compares how users felt before and after searching for Car Dragon online.

The fact that there is no deeper meaning to this than what is immediately apparent makes the challenge unclear for some users. Dragons on or near cars are the most common images returned when you search for “Car Dragon” on Google Images.

However, the users stare startled at the camera as if they had just learned something new. One explanation is that a few images on Google depict animated dragons having sexual encounters with automobiles, which is, to put it mildly, shocking.

Revealed Song in the Viral Trend

Even though the trend is known as Car Dragon, the music playing in the background prevents you from hearing it, and TikTokers are curious about whose masterpiece it is.

We now know that Soulja Boy is the author of the song that is now popular on the internet. The song, Report Card, was initially made available in 2009.

But now that platform trends are so widespread, it has grown in popularity. Report Card was used for the first time on TikTok by @Bebardii on February 2, 2022. In the brief video, the dog of the TikToker can be seen opening and shutting its lips in time with the songs.

Over 4.7 million people have seen the original TikTok, which as of now has over 890,000 likes (March 29).



#рекомендации #GoWinterGames #рекомендации #якто #харди #собакаубийца #собака #рекомендации #рек

♬ оригинальный звук – харди и ева

The Pattern is Not Exclusive to “Report Card”

All of these videos use Soulja Boy’s song as their soundtrack, although it’s not quite apparent how the two are connected. It seems that someone initiated the trend by utilizing the music, and the majority of other users just decided to imitate them. TikTok may be fantastic for introducing new artists, but it can also be a place to revisit an old favorite in a whole another setting.

 Car Dragon

Tiktok Users Have the Following to Say

A number of TikTok users have said that they didn’t see anything remarkable about the trend and are having trouble deciphering its meaning.

“Help, I only see automobiles with dragon prints on them,” one person commented.

Okay, I’m finally going to get interested enough to try it out rather than reading about it in the comments, remarked another.

It’s essentially simply a dragon atop a vehicle, as one user put it.

Another said, “I can’t locate anything, assistance.”

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The “Car Dragon” Fad is Completely Arbitrary.

The “Car Dragon” fad is completely random, much like many of the other trends that have recently taken over TikTok, such as a brownie recipe that is shared in comments for no apparent reason. The statement and the emotions that individuals have recorded in response to it don’t seem to have any pattern or logic. Instead, it seems to be a fad that is merely popular for its own sake.

These trends have gained more and more traction on TikTok in recent weeks, and although some users may desire trends to have a deeper significance, it’s evident that others simply want to have fun. The “Car Dragon” fad is definitely for you if you like a good muck about it.

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