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Beginner’s Guide to Location-Based Mobile Advertising

Mobile advertising based on location is a critical component of location-based marketing since it allows you to reach potential customers while they are actively using their mobile devices. Location-based mobile advertising vendor Verve recently released a report stating that location-aware campaigns can increase your mobile Click-trough rate (CTR). An introduction to location-based mobile advertising, including types available and reasons to begin today, is provided in this guide.

Overview of location-based mobile advertising techniques

Mobile location-based advertising is a sophisticated system that relies on a wide range of variables and data to help advertisers reach their target audiences. Here are a few examples:

Geo-Aware Targeting

When it comes to location-based mobile advertising, geo-aware advertising may be traced back to 2010. The advertiser can show mobile ads to potential customers who are near a specific location by using real-time location data provided by the mobile carrier.

Place-Based Targeting

Place-based mobile ads are those that target a certain location or area for a specific period of time. Adverts connected to sports can be targeted during a football match, for example.


Using a user’s latitude and longitude, advertisers can utilise geo-fencing to target them. A virtual “fence” is set up around your predefined area to target users within that radius (your store for example). For example, in a mall, it may be utilised to direct customers to a certain store.

Why Location Plays an Important Role in Mobile Advertising

By their very nature, mobile devices like smartphones and tablets are frequently utilised while on the road. For example, we can use them to find nearby eateries, check our social media accounts, or compare costs. Think about it – how often do you use your phone to make and receive phone calls and texts? According to studies, the average time spent on a smartphone each day is 12 minutes for making calls, 25 minutes for browsing the internet, 18 minutes for checking social media, and 15 minutes for gaming.
It is feasible to reach potential clients who are in close proximity to your business using mobile ads that use location-based services. You only have to look around you the next time you go shopping to see that everyone is using their mobile devices.

3 Possible Location-Based Mobile Advertising Scenarios

  • Drive traffic to your coffee shop in slow times with special offers. Who wouldn’t accept a “50% off of any hot beverage” offer if it’s just around the corner?
  • Target bored husbands accompanying their wives while shopping and tell them about your special “bored husbands beer & burger menu”.
  • Inform women about your latest shoe sale and offer a free glass of champagne while checking out the latest collection.

I know I’m talking in stereotypes, but the possibilities are endless. Know your target group and get them to your business while they are around the corner anyways!

Why You Should Start Using Location-Based Mobile Advertising Now

The cost of mobile advertising is predicted to treble in the next four years, compared to other traditional advertising platforms. To take advantage of the current low pricing, try out several marketing initiatives immediately.
Once Google, Amazon and Apple join the mobile payment sector, it’s only a matter of time before your target population uses mobile devices to make payments like we do with our credit cards today.
Due of the fierce competition between large and small businesses, location-based mobile advertising is a great way to stand out from the crowd. That’s a great opportunity!


It is possible to use location-based mobile advertising to actively attract customers to your establishment. To maximise income and profit, use it in conjunction with other location-based marketing strategies. Check out our list of mobile advertising networks to see which one is the greatest fit for your business needs.
Have you implemented mobile advertising that is dependent on a user’s location yet? We’d love to hear from you! Please leave a remark below!

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