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Apptopia: Amazon fell to fourth place in international procuring app instals in 2021, down from first place in 2020, as e-commerce apps Shopee and Shein soared to first and second place, respectively (Todd Bishop/GeekWire).

Although Amazon’s dominance in U.S. e-commerce is well-documented, the latest global rankings for app instals suggest that upstart firms have the ability to upend the online shopping behemoth.

According to fresh Apptopia data, the tech giant placed fourth in the world for shopping app installations in 2021. According to the real-time competitive intelligence tool, Amazon topped the global rating last year.

Shopee, located in Singapore, which covers Southeast Asia and Latin America; Shein, based in China, a pioneer in “quick fashion”; and Meesho, based in India, which specialises in social e-commerce for categories such as fashion and home products, have all surpassed Amazon in the global rankings.

In 2021, Amazon still ranks first in Apptopia’s US rankings for shopping app instals.

Amazon officials have frequently told regulators in the United States and internationally that the company’s modest proportion of the worldwide retail market, encompassing both online and offline sales, does not amount to enough market strength to warrant strong antitrust action.

According to eMarketer, Amazon was anticipated to account for more than 40% of US e-commerce sales in 2021 as recently as a few months ago.

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