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An Overview of Season 2 of Darwin’s Game

Games are a great way to unwind for the vast majority of us. The anime characters, however, don’t always get the same treatment. There is always a catch when a video game is used as the main location or story element in a series. In “Sword Art Online,” for example, the namesake game first seems to be a lot of fun, but players soon find that death in-game has real-world consequences. The smartphone game featured in the Netflix anime “Darwin’s Game” is similar in that it, too, is set in the real world and seems to have as its primary goal the elimination of human beings.

Will There Be A Second Season Of Darwin’s Game?

Though it has been reported that the show has been renewed for a second season and is expected to be popular, this is not the truth. The show has not been cancelled as of August 2022, however a second season has not been ordered.Darwin's game season 2

Assumed Darwin’s Game Publication Date

As of the time this was published (25 August 2022) no anime has been renewed for a second season. Since Nexus hasn’t confirmed or denied any future anime projects beyond 2022, it’s impossible to know whether they’re even in development.

Cast Predictions for Season 2 of “Darwin’s Game”

With its source material being a manga, major changes or elimination of the main characters are unlikely. It’s likely that many of the same faces from the previous season will return for the next one. We don’t know for sure, but there may be some new faces. Listed below are the show’s main players:

  • Voicing Kaname Sudo are Yusuke Kobayashi (in Japanese) and Stephen Fu (English)
  • Reina Ueda (Japanese) and Alexis Tipton (American) provide their voices to Shuka Karino (English)
  • Tia Ballard plays Rein Kashiwagi, and Nichika Omori (Japanese) plays him (English)
  • Taku Yashiro (Japanese) and Jarrod Greene (English) provide their voices to Ryuji Maesaka (English)
  • Brittany Lauda and Yumiri Hanamori (both Japanese) portray Sui and Sota, respectively (English)
  • The voices of Liu Xuelan are provided by Ai Kayano (Japanese) and Katelyn Barr (English)
  • Yuya Hirose plays Hamada, Chiaki Kobayashi plays Kyoda, Fukushi Ochiai plays Shinozuka, Konomi Kohara plays Suzune Hiiragi, and Yoshitsugu Matsuo plays Wang.

Can You Give Me a Quick Synopsis of Darwin’s Game?

A text message has arrived at Sudo Kaname’s phone. Kaname ends up at Darwin’s Game after following the fake link in the email. Several hours later, a player contacts him through his phone to see if they can set up a match. He continues on with his day at school without any apparent anxiety.

Resounding Victory for the Cartoon

Anime fans all around the globe may watch Darwin’s Game on Crunchyroll and Funimation. The manga is based on the anime, and it’s become a huge hit in Japan. The 391st spot on Myanimelist puts it above average.

A new season of an anime gets released based on how well it does in Japan. Forty thousand individuals have subscribed to the anime’s Twitter feed thus far.

These numbers seem about par for the course, but they aren’t good enough to ensure a new season. If an anime is renewed for a second season, it probably has above 100,000 viewers. The way things seem right now, Darwin’s Game is missing something.

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When Can We Expect to See the Trailer for Season 2 of Darwin’s Game?

Even though it’s been over two years after Nexus’s 2020 debut, the show hasn’t been updated. To see the trailer for Season 2 of Darwin’s Game on Nexus, we must wait.

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