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Alabama Unemployment Application Tracker [2022] What Is The Best Way To Use It?

In an effort to assist those who have filed for unemployment benefits in tracking the status of their claims, the Alabama Department of Labor released a new tool on Thursday.

Alabama’s Unemployment Insurance Claim Tracker, which can be accessed here, provides information such as the status of a claim, what steps are required to be paid for unemployment or to further process a claim, how much in benefits you should be receiving each week, and when your next payment will be made.

According to the agency, the technology will allow unemployed Alabamians to obtain information more quickly and reduce the need to contact the department directly, which will save them time and money.

Labor Department Secretary Fitzgerald Washington said in a statement that “we have been working continually to come up with innovative approaches to help Alabamians acquire the answers they need during this moment of uncertainty.” In order to avoid having to spend hours attempting to contact us, we hope that this tool will assist people in finding the information they require.” While dealing with a record amount of unemployment compensation claims, we continue to urge people to be patient.”

The tracker can be accessed by entering the last four digits of your Social Security number, as well as the PIN number that claimants have set up for you. PIN numbers can also be reset with the help of this program.

Alabama Residents Can Make Use of the Following Features Through the Use of the App.

Unemployment Compensation claims can be filed by individuals.
Their claim status can be checked online.
This allows them to verify the amount of money that has been given to them.

App Details

App Name Alabama UnemploymentLanguage
Language English
iOS Required 11.0 or later
Size Size
Price Free
Android Required 5.1


Features of the Alabama Unemployment App

  • It aids in the search for a new position.
  • You have the option of filing a claim.
  • This aids in the tracking of the claim.
  • Employee training programmes should be obtained.
  • You can sign up for an eGov Account here.
  • You can find out how much money has been claimed by checking the status of the claim.

Who Qualifies for the Program?

  • Anyone who has worked or is currently working in the United States is eligible to receive benefits. Check to see if they have been employed for a minimum of 12 months.
  • Individuals whose wife or husband is an active duty member of the military are also eligible to file a claim.

Criteria for Eligibility

In order to be eligible for Alabama unemployment compensation, you must furnish the information listed below.

  • Your current mailing address.
  • The dates during which you worked for your most recent job.
  • The number assigned to you by the Social Security Administration.
  • Documentation of your identity (such as a driver’s license, a state-issued ID card, and your mother’s maiden name).

What is the Procedure for Filing a Claim?

Using any of your mobile phones, you can file a claim. Call the toll-free number 1-866-234-5382 or submit an online claim at https://labor.alabama.gov/uc/Claims/default.aspx to get started.

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