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A Definitive Guide to Killing Bites Season 2

The country of Japan never fails to amaze us with its inventions, skills, and development. And, when we talk about Japan, We just can’t skip animes. Japanese animes are worldwide famous for their amazing screenplay and creations. Here, we bring you detail of one such latest anime; KILLING BITES SEASON 2.

Originated from Japan, an anime or animeeshon (Japanese pronunciation) is a hand-drawn computer animation. It is a 3D work of art or animated form of art. A few famous Japanese animes include A Silent Voice, Blame, A Whisker Away, The Garden of Words, etc.



Killing Bites is a Japanese manga series. It is written by Shinya Murta and illustrated by Kazuasa Sumita. The web movie person of this series is written by Aoi Akashiro and directed by Yasuto Nishikata under the studio of Liden Films. The series is officially available on Amazon video and comprises 12 episodes. The series was premiered in January 2018 in Japan. It is science-based fiction, and this is a major reason for its popularity. The series gained worldwide attention from the audience. Most of its audience was teenagers and youngsters. Recently, the director has announced to launch of season 2 of the series. But, exact dates are still to be mentioned.


A Definitive guide to killing bites season 2

The main characters of the series are Hitomi Uzaki (female protagonist), Yūya Nomoto (male protagonist), Eruza Nakanishi, Ui Inaba, Ichinosuke Okajima, Taiga Nakanishi, Pure Inui, Mai Shinozaki, Reiichi Shidō, and Tasuku Kuroi.

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The story revolves around a college girl Hitomi Uzaki who is also the lead female protagonist. Three boys, including Yūya Nomoto, kidnap Hitomi Uzaki. But the viewers will be thrilled to find how Yūya Nomoto is forced into this dilemma by his two other friends. Yūya Nomoto never felt that his friend would kidnap a girl and brute her sexually. He wants to stop them, but he can not cause of his incapability. The other two friends sexually abused the girl. Later, viewers find that girl turns into a strong protagonist and takes her revenge.

She turns into a lion beast, a human-animal hybrid thing. Everyone except Yūya Nomoto is killed. She tears other bodies like the way they had torn her clothes. The whole drama is divided into hybrid and normal beings. Later, Reiichi Shidō turns into Hitomi Uzaki’s guardian and helps her to fight with other hybrid superpowers. He controls the major power of Hitomi Uzaki and orders her to kill Yūya Nomoto. Sora Amamiya voices the lead character of Hitomi Uzaki, and the voice of Wataru Hatano portrays yūya Nomoto. Both voice characters are Japanese native, and the series is originally released in the Japanese language.


A Definitive guide to killing bites season 2

However, the official date for the launch of season 2 of Killing Bites is yet to be announced. Even the producers are working on this. The main reason for the delay is the lack of story and source material, as all the original 16 volumes of the book have been covered in season 1 episodes. But, if it begins this year, we can expect season 2 in 2023.


The plot of Killing Bites season 2 is expected to be filled with romance and action. In the earlier season, the male protagonist Yūya Nomoto has fallen for the female lead Hitomi Uzaki. But, the hybrid creature Hitomi Uzaki has killed him out of his anger. So in this season, we can expect Yūya Nomato to turn into a hybrid monster. He will return to take his revenge from Hitomi Uzaki and Reiichi Shidō. This will fill the series with more science and drama. Maybe, in the end, Nomoto will forgive Uzaki out of his love for her. Though, there is no such disclosure of theme and plot officially. But, this is something that can be expected from directors.


The action and sci-fiction anime Killing Bites is voted by more than 300 users on IMDb. The series is rated with three stars and scored 6.6 out of 10. Further, it is categorized as science, fiction, nudity, and an action drama.

Overall, season 1 is worth watching a series, and season 2 is worth waiting for. This sci-fiction is filled with immense excitement and may turn you into an anime-addicted one.


When will season 2 of Killing Bites launch?

There is no such official date. But, most probably, it is expected to launch in 2023.

Will season 2 cast Hitomi Uzaki?

Yes, as a female lead.

Will season 2 cast Nomoto?

Most probably, there are chances of his comeback.

What are the IMBd ratings of Killing Bites season1?

    1. out of 2.

Where can I watch Killing Bites?

You can find it on Amazon Prime.

Is Killing Bites a 5-star series?

No, it is a 3-star series.

Is Killing Bites available on Crunchyroll?

Yes, the series is available on Crunchyroll.

What is the language of Killing Bites?

The series is available in the Japanese language.

Are subtitles available for Killing Bites?

Yes, you can enjoy subtitles in English.


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