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6 Excellent Tips for Using Bluetooth Smart Devices!

Bluetooth is a vital part of today’s technology ecosystem. From mobile phones and tablets to keyboards and speakers, you can connect almost any digital device via Bluetooth. Not just devices but modern homes and cars are also turning Bluetooth enabled.

But how do Bluetooth smart devices work, and what are the tips that help you to ensure better security and integrity of data while using the technology?

What Is Bluetooth?

Bluetooth can be explained as a wireless radio technology that enables different digital devices to establish a connection with each other to send or receive data. Simply put, Bluetooth is a technology that facilitates the exchange of data between digital devices within a short distance.

Originally invented as a budget wireless alternative to traditional wired keyboards, the technology is now used in many devices and gadgets. Since Bluetooth changes frequency often, they don’t travel too far. Most Bluetooth embedded devices have a maximum connectivity or data exchange range of approximately 30 feet with no obstacles around.

More About Innovative Technologies

Today, we have a couple of other technologies available that work wirelessly to make things easier. On Windows and Android devices, Bluetooth is the most ingenious way to exchange data or share multimedia files even when you do not have a WiFi connection or cellular data available.

Similarly, you can use Apple’s proprietary Bluetooth technology called AirPlay for sharing files. Moreover, you can use the FindMy feature to locate your iPhone, iPad, MacBook, and other Apple devices by signing in to your Apple ID account. You can turn on or turn off find my iPhone easily for resource management when not required.

On the other, you get a lot of data sharing options if you’re using an Apple device. For example, you get the option to use Continuity, Handoff, or AirPlay features. While Continuity allows users to connect their Apple devices to work Smartly, Handoff enables them to start a task on one Apple device and end on another.

How Does Bluetooth Work?

Bluetooth works similar to cellular networking or WiFi; however, the technology is designed to serve different purposes. Although the technology can deliver some major functions, it is primarily designed to work on a smaller scale, like connecting a headset to a mobile phone, linking speakers to a tablet, or sharing data at a shorter range. For More Secure Connection you can also use VPN such as Surfshark.

How Secure is Bluetooth for Sharing Data?

Thinking about Bluetooth security? Although Bluetooth is a secure way to share data across devices, it is vulnerable to security threats, like any other digital technology. The three common security risks that make Bluetooth file transfer a risk include bluejacking, blue bugging, and bluesnarfing.

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Hackers can use wireless data transfer technologies as a backdoor to access your device. However, following simple security tips can help you safeguard your device and data from all sorts of external threats.

Tips for Secure Bluetooth Access:

You can simply prevent your Bluetooth smart devices from security attacks by following the simple suggestions mentioned below.

1. Install Security Patches

Updating your operating system regularly is certainly the most viable way to enhance its security as it installs the latest security patches. Amazon and Google release regular updates to protect users against BlueBorne vulnerability.

2. Restrict Device Recoverability

When you enable Bluetooth on your device, it becomes susceptible to security risks as hackers usually attack gadgets that are nearby and discoverable. Set your device to “Not Discoverable” to make it inaccessible to cybercriminals.

3. Avoid Sharing Confidential Data

Do not share any crucial information such as your financial statements, login credentials, official documents, or similar data via Bluetooth. As mentioned earlier, wireless connections are not 100% secure; you can send confidential documents or photos via email only.

4. Turn Bluetooth Off

When not in use, make sure to disable the Bluetooth connection so that your device won’t get connected to other nearby devices. Automatic connectivity on finding a previously paired device is a useful option; it can sometimes be a risk as well.

5. Don’t Pair Devices in Public

Connecting to a known device is fine as long as you are sure whom you are connecting with. However, avoid pairing your smart device to a new unknown gadget when in public. For example, do not try to pair your phone with a headset immediately after buying it.

6. Use a VPN Connection

Virtual Private Networks are meant to secure your data and device while you are browsing the web on public WiFi. VPN will encrypt data that you share online and cloak your actual location when you are accessing the information on the internet.

The Conclusion

Bluetooth technology is a great way to send or receive data when WiFi is not available. Keep in mind a few tips to avoid Bluetooth-related online attacks. Make sure to turn off your Bluetooth when not in use and connect only to the known devices when in public. This will provide you with the security you want while using your Bluetooth device.

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