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When Will the Next Yellowstone Prequel Series 1932 Be Released?

1932 Release Date:  Helen Mirren, who won an Academy Award, and Harrison Ford, who was nominated, will both play key parts in the highly anticipated 1932 sequel to the original Yellowstone narrative (working title).

Taylor Sheridan, who is recognized for his appearances in Yellowstone, 1883, and Mayor of Kingstown, appears in the next episode of the Dutton family drama. Sheridan is the ideal spot to join the Paramount+ program and connect to the Paramount Network.

Yellowstone had the most viewers of any cable TV program, but 1883 broke that record and became the most-watched Paramount+ show ever. The following is a list of everything we know about the 1932 television series.

1932: Cast

Only Dame Helen Mirren and Harrison Ford have been announced as members of the 1932 cast so far. In the last two months, Harrison Ford has been on television twice. For his part in Yellowstone’s 1932, he received an Academy Award nomination.

Ford debuted as the lead character in the Apple TV+ comedy series Shrinking in April. This would be Ford’s first major role in a television program. You can usually count on seeing actor James Jordan in the program in some capacity. He could even have a role in certain cases.

Jordan has been in many Sheridan films, including Yellowstone, in which he portrays livestock agent Steve Hendon, 1883, in which he portrays Cookie, and Mayor of Kingstown, in which he portrays the mayor (as prison guard Ed Simmons).

We don’t know who they’ll be playing yet. Audie Rick portrayed John Dutton Sr. in the 1883 version, and many believe Ford will reprise the role. This job has already been filled by Audie Rick, which is unfortunate.

1932: Plot

“The next Yellowstone origin story will include a new generation of the Dutton family and will take place in the early twentieth century,” according to Paramount.

Pandemics, terrible droughts, the repeal of Prohibition, and the Great Depression, according to Paramount, ravaged the mountains west and the Duttons who lived there at the time. “The creation of Yellowstone will be depicted in the early twentieth century in the following story.”

Harrison Ford and Helen Mirren are said to be playing Dutton family members from the next generation. Sheridan’s newest show will soon be added to the growing roster of Paramount Network and Paramount+ programs.


Sheridan’s pilot for 1883 was nominated for a Writers Guild of America Award after the show did well on Paramount+. Yellowstone’s fourth season on the Paramount Network broke multiple records.

It would be seen by around 11 million people. For the first time, it was nominated for Screen Actors Guild Awards® and Producers Guild Awards®.

1932: Release Date

The bad news is that there is no set release date for 1932. The good news is that it is expected to be released in December 2022. Another issue is that the publishing date for 1932 has yet to be determined.

The streaming service Paramount+ is the only location to see 1932, the prequel to the main series, 1883, and the spin-off series, 6666.

The first two episodes of 1883, in addition to being accessible on Paramount Plus, were shown on the cable channel Paramount Network with new episodes of Yellowstone season 4 before the other eight episodes were solely available on the streaming service.

Although it’s impossible to predict if 1932 will follow the same release schedule, Yellowstone’s fifth season will almost probably begin around the same time. Yellowstone, the original show that started it all, is now in its fifth season in Montana, the beautiful state where it all began.


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1932: Trailer

Paramount+ has yet to release an official teaser trailer for 1932. Stay tuned to newsgaze.com for additional information and the most recent developments.

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