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10 Useful And Awesome Ways To Use Dropbox

Dropbox is a fantastic resource. You may access your files from any of your devices with this small piece of software (which is also a web app). For my Mac, Nexus 4, iPad and Mini I use Dropbox for all of my files. And I’ll always have access to all of the files on my Dropbox.
Dropbox is most commonly used to sync files between computers and mobile devices. In addition, what else can be done with this tool? Dropbox may be used in a variety of creative and beneficial ways.

10 Unconventional Ways To Use Dropbox

1. Automatically download Facebook pictures to Dropbox

What if you could access all of your Facebook photos, including those you’ve been tagged in, even if you weren’t connected to the internet? IFTTT may be used to automatically download the images to your Dropbox. Check out other IFTTT recipes that might help you automate your online tasks!Did you ever want to have offline access to all Facebook pictures you upload from your phone or even pictures you have been tagged in? Use IFTTT to download the pictures automatically to your Dropbox. Check out other useful IFTTT recipes to automate your online activities!


2. Host a website

You can store files in the cloud with Dropbox. On other words, your website can now be hosted in the cloud! DropPages enables you to host your website on Dropbox under a custom subdomain address (

3. Find your stolen computer or Smartphone

Uninstalling all internet-enabled software from your computer isn’t a skill that every computer burglar possesses. The Dropbox account security page will show you your computer’s IP address if the stolen device has internet connection. Turn on automatic uploading of photos captured with your phone’s camera when using a smartphone. Once the thief starts taking pictures, you will be able to use this information to track down the burglar.


4. Store portable apps

What if your apps could be synced across numerous computers so that you didn’t have to fiddle with your settings all the time? All your settings and customizations are preserved when you use Dropbox to install portable apps and access them on various devices. This site offers a wide variety of portable applications.

5. Print files remotely

It’s not ideal if you need to print anything from a home computer but you don’t have access to the printer. To print a document, all you need to do is place it in a Dropbox folder. A Script installed on your home computer scans a Dropbox folder for files, prints them, and then deletes them. A step-by-step guide has been prepared by Digital Inspiration to assist you in setting everything up.

6. Save game progress

Transfer your game progress to a Dropbox folder so that you may pick up where you left off on another computer. Excellent for synchronising Minecraft worlds.

7. Use it as a local folder for your website

Do not interfere with your website’s file structure or duplicate HTML/CSS files by storing them in Dropbox instead of the website’s root folder.

8. Make Dropbox your default “My Documents” folder

Making Dropbox your default “My Papers” folder is an easy way to back up your documents automatically without having to worry about it. Every time you save a document, it is now automatically backed up and can be accessed from any location. Check out Microsoft’s instructions, which explains how to move your “My Documents” folder to another location.

9. Collaborate with your colleagues

Here at we use Dropbox to keep all our blog-related documents and files in sync; everything from texts and pictures to website back-ups. Dropbox is only one of the online collaboration tools we use to work efficiently.

10. Share files with non-Dropbox users

What if you need to send a large file to someone? The recipient does not have a Dropbox account, but you already have this file in yours. This is a non-issue! Simply select “Dropbox > Share link” from the context menu of your right-clicked file.. Your file’s URL will be generated in this way. From now on, anyone with this URL can access and download the file whenever they want.


Dropbox is more than simply a way to keep your files up to date. There’s so much more you can do with it! If you’ve found this page useful, please share your feedback in the comments section below.
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Let us know in the comments what your favourite usage are with Dropbox!

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