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World of Solitaire- A Wonderful Game Mostly Played

When boredom hits you, what do you do to get rid of getting bored? There are many games there, some physical games aka outdoor games and indoor games. Now the question what is you do not what to go out to play outdoor games, especially when the weather is bad or too harsh for the skin.

Cards have been played by many for a long time and they still prefer to play even today even though they have other options such as video games. Solitaire successfully running in the PC and window 95 onwards. You may not able to find the word or excel in the computer system but the solitaire card game will World of Solitaire always be there

You may see some other variant of solitaire, it a whole collection of about 50 card variants some them are a spider, Freecell, Klondike and Baker’s Dozen

World of solitaire for kids

World of Solitaire for kids
World of Solitaire for kids

As I mentioned before that every computer may not have a word or excel or paint bu you will find the world of the solitaire game in every piece of a computer. How if I tell you that by playing this game the kids in school and any level of kid can improve the mind power.

This is just a game and this is not gambling that you are afraid of, this is simply a card game and kids can sharp their mind playing this game. This game is all about observing, thinking, decision making in instant by making a good playing strategy.

World of solitaire for Adults

World of Solitaire for adults
World of Solitaire for adults

Daily workload could be very stress full and with stress, you can not complete you next or upcoming tasks. You can play this game whenever and wherever you want to play. You can play either in office, home, on the way to college, after college, in tea time, before going to bed.

This game is like a mood fresher and also stress buster. You can also learn some tip and tricks to play this game and use them to earn some cash in the real platform which is not suggested.

World of solitaire for Old age people

There are not many things to do in your very old age days. Like you can go for physical games like volleyball or basketball or football. But those who have to sit back at home can literally take advantage of this game.

Alteration in World of Solitaire

You can change a lot of thing in this game. You will have more than 9000 levels to cross. You can collect the stars with every level to open a new chapter in World of solitaire. You can change the look of the cards and also you can change the background theme of the World of solitaire in settings and many more.

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World of Solitaire for Android

World of Solitaire for Android
World of Solitaire for Android

Solitaire is auto-installed in computers but the question is how to get this game in your smartphone. This is very simple there are many ways to do it. To enjoy the game, follow the following steps to get the game on your android device

  • Open you playStore
  • Type World of Solitaire: Klondike
  • Click on very first application
  • Click on install
  • Once install is finished then open the game and enjoy.

World of Solitaire for PC

World of Solitaire for PC
World of Solitaire for PC

You must be wondering that why would you need to know in PC right? Well, because you might be the pro user of pc but if some is getting bored and do not have the internet connect and want to get rid of boredom then the person must know where to find the game in pc. There are two ways to find the game on PC, first is by navigating and second on is by just simple search.

For navigate

  • First click on the window button
  • Go to accessories
  • Go to games
  • There you will find World of Solitaire: Klondike
  • Click it and start playing

For search

  • First click on the search space which varies in different versions of PC
  • Then type World of Solitaire or just solitaire
  • You see the game after a search click on it and enjoy the game

How to play this game?

If you are new to this game and really want to explore this game then let me give you the little tour on how to play World of Solitaire: Klondike. Well, this is not that much difficult but you may find some trouble while learning this game. There will be a deck of cards and it will be distributed in seven lines with the accending number of cards to seven-card in the seventh line.

There will be 4 blank space where you need to add the cards in proper sequence just like A,1,2,3,4,5,6,7,8,9,10,J, Q, K. You need to make the sequence and fill all the 4 space in the same order to win the game. There will be many challenges while playing this game.

Create your account

It will give you the plus benefit to having an account on this platform. Firstly your data will be saved and you don’t have to start from the beginning every time you start to play. Also if you want to change your device then still it will be saved and you can continue you playing from the same play where you left the last time.

There are almost 9000 levels in this game and this is not easy to clear them in a very short time.

Even you can use those credentials to pc as well as to your android phones


The card game is not bad and can be proven in many good ways. Gambling is surely not a good choice to make if you really like to play this game and also this is totally free of cost then why not play it. Also, you do not need to have an internet connection to play this game at all.

Once you download it then you can play whenever you want and still will not charge anything. That is all for this article if any queries or question please drop your comment in the box below.


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