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Who’s Ryan Waller? Explained Injuries Kill Arizona Murder Case Victim

The unlucky victim of the Arizona Murder Case, Ryan Waller, lost his life after the break-in, shooting, and murder of his fiancée on Christmas Day. Find out more about the Arizona murder case and who Ryan Waller really is.
What is Ryan Waller’s deal?

An obituary states that Ryan Thomas Waller entered this world on February 12, 1988.

Little is known about Waller’s background, however he apparently used to be quite into playing guitar.

When Filming Finally Began

In the afternoon of December 23, 2006, something shocking occurred. When Larry Carver’s son, Ritchie, and Waller Carver showed up at Waller’s house looking for payback, it was presumed for an old argument.

It’s unclear if Ryan and his girlfriend were in the common area or one of his private spaces.

Alicia, Heather, and Ryan all lived in the same house together. But Alicia was already out of the home that day. Ryan and Heather were renting the property at the end of the cul-de-sac.

Murder Investigation: What Happened at Ryan Waller’s House With Him and His Girlfriend?

Before moving in together, Heather and Ryan shared an apartment with another roommate named Alexia.

But she wasn’t there since she’d left for the day.

The couple barely lived there for around 1.5 months before they died.

Ryan and his girlfriend were relaxing in the living room or bedroom on the afternoon of December 23, 2006, when Larry Carver’s son, Ritchie, and he knocked on Waller’s door.Ryan Waller

Can Anybody Explain What Happened to Ryan Waller’s Eye?

Ryan made a hasty effort to secure the door as the intruders pried their way inside. One of the crooks, named Richie, reaches in and shoots Ryan twice in the head.

Richie and Larry, Ryan’s father, thought he was dead when Ryan collapsed on the floor. Then they killed Heather Quan, his girlfriend, to remove any potential witnesses who may lead to their capture.

Who Dialled 911, if Anyone?

Ryan’s father reportedly called the police because his kid wouldn’t talk to him.

When police came, they found Heather Quan dead and Ryan Waller with an eye wound.

Severe Emergency

Unfortunately, Ryan was interrogated for many hours before he was finally taken to the hospital. Later, authorities informed Don that his son Waller was in serious condition at the hospital.

Doctors reportedly informed Don that delayed care contributed to Ryan’s life-threatening illness.

Word on the Street

However, Ritchie and Waller were said to have gotten into a gunfight, according to hearsay. It seems that Ritchie and Eric had problems as well; Ritchie’s old roommate, Eric, had previously occupied the house where Ryan and Heather now lived.

Some say Ritchie was just jealous of Ryan’s wealth.

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Objections to the Police

The death of Ryan left a devastating impact on his family. His heartbreaking story made headlines throughout the nation.

People started complaining that the cops should have taken him to the hospital sooner instead of questioning him.

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