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The hunbrain App usage analysis and tracker for WhatsApp allows users to monitor and track WhatsApp and several other Android applications online. It was developed by the WatzTracker company and later became very well-liked among smartphone users.

The “App usage analysis” app is a reliable and user-friendly device/application management solution. Although the Google Play Store offers a free download, membership is required to use the monitoring functions. This application recently gained notoriety after an article about it was published on the well-known website www.hunbrain.com. While hunting for a Whatsapp tracker, many people are also seeking for a fun brain app.

After a one-day free trial, users of the “Hunbrain App usage analysis” are offered the choice to sign up for a variety of weekly, monthly, and yearly subscription options. The cost of the subscription plans is fair. The benefits they provide users in terms of monitoring and tracking are immeasurable. Once the free trial has expired, users may purchase the membership via in-app purchases. The transaction method for this application is totally safe and fraud-free.

Download Tracker for Whatsapp’s Most Recent Version

The “Tracker for WhatsApp” is simple to use with the 1.2 version, which is appropriate for all Android handsets with a minimum version of 4.4. Before installing the www.hunbrain app, the user must make sure they have 2 MB of free space on their Android devices. The “WhatsApp Tracker” in-app purchases range in price from 2A60 INR to 1861 INR and provide a number of benefits and uses.



Www.hunbrain.com, an App

This Android software offers a lot of benefits to its users. A user with a valid subscription may monitor three different WhatsApp numbers at once. One may use this to keep track of recent sightings of known and loved ones, daily WhatsApp uses hours, data, statistics for the previous week/month, and much more.

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Hunbrain’s Tracker for Whatsapp and Other Android Apps

The “WhatsApp tracker” keeps track of our use habits for a number of other frequently used Android apps in addition to WhatsApp. One may monitor their use of several services, including Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, gaming apps, music, and video apps, photography apps, and many more. The app offers instant notifications for usage analysis.

But in order to watch how often users use the software, the WhatsApp usage tracking tracker also requires expensive subscriptions and a steady, ongoing internet connection.

If the connection wasn’t reliable, the program couldn’t track the user or provide them with any information. With the aid of the Hunbrain App tracker and use analysis tool, one may also set a time limit or time-reminder and get warnings for extended and excessive use.

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