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What is the status of the Fan tokens before the QATAR 2022 final?

The cryptographic tokens that connect the digital financial market with the king of sports in the world and the teams of each country during the most important championship in the world, such as the World Cup, in this case held in Qatar, have also been affected. You might be familiar with BTC and its features; are you also aware of its advantages? Check out these fascinating bitcoin perks.

The current crypto winter situation has led many soccer club tokens to plummet, and external market conditions are the leading causes beyond the valuation or positioning that fans can give to their financial instruments.

Even though favorite countries such as Brazil, Argentina, Portugal, and Spain managed to reach the quarterfinal phases, this did not influence the price and demand for each team’s tokens; on the contrary, they showed alarming figures that came, in some cases up to the decrease of 80% of its value at the beginning of the tournament.

Even the Qatar 2022 World Cup token known as Chiliz, lost its value from the beginning of the tournament, something that was complex to understand, but, in turn, as the favorite teams were eliminated, their token fans simultaneously decreased.

It is essential to highlight that this situation was not characteristic of the tournament since before the teams arrived on the playing fields, many of these tokens reached their all-time highs, demonstrating support for their teams and the crypto market.

Although the fall of the Chiliz token was reflected in a little more than 30%, the decrease in the general value of this type of digital currency was a trend.

Purpose of fan tokens

At the time when these digital financial instruments emerged in favor of promoting the use of digital currencies in one of the sports with the most significant followers worldwide, achieving interaction between the teams, the players, and their fans, making the latter a say in minor decision-making on their favorite teams.

The number of users who joined this proposal is relevant, thus establishing a friendly relationship with cryptocurrencies from a different approach to the traditional one, where the primary purpose is to carry out financial operations that generate profits as the capitalization of a particular digital asset increases.

A counterpart may not agree with this type of proposal, considering even tokens as harmful elements with which many specialized investors can even make juicy profits from sports fans.

This type of opinion usually generates controversy since cryptocurrencies, over time, have been positioned globally as a digital investment option, which has managed to attract many people despite its volatility.

The token of the Qatar 2022 champion team

Many of the predictions of the soccer experts in the semifinal stage pointed out that the Argentina team was perhaps one of the favorites to win the World Cup, only that the competition was quite intense since many of the groups fought to reach the final but were on the way.

Argentina has been characterized as a country with effective management of the crypto-assets market. In addition, the education and preparation that many novice and professional users are developing to obtain better skills in cryptographic investments stand out.

Although the behavior of the token of the Argentine National Team did not develop a positive trend about the final played against France, it even showed a slight drop before the game and despite having registered a constant increase five days before, doubling its value from 3 to 6 Dollars.


The evolution of the cryptocurrency market takes all the elements that make up the digital financial market hand in hand, aiming to modify the entire crypto context, generating opportunities for all users according to their type of investment.

The diversification of cryptographic projects enriches a market that, despite being so new, has positioned itself among millions of people worldwide.

The vulnerability of the tokens or cryptocurrencies that make up this ecosystem makes volatility pour out against them, an element that, over the years, it is impossible to control more if the development phases of market stages have been established.

In the case of fan tokens, there are elements of a cultural and social nature that directly influenced the fans’ minds during the evolution of the Qatar 2022 World Cup, creating a downward trend that undoubtedly left investors uninterested.

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