Adding some values to something is very important. If you like some product you buy it, what we usually do is, we go to the cafe or restaurant. After eating we pay the bill and leave. What happened here is you paid the money for your food which is absolutely fine but come to think of that person who took your order then asked you for water then bought your food to your table, asks to if you need anything else, I mean the way he served you, isn’t that applaudable but they do it for the tip.

A tip is nothing but just a small part of your bill that doesn’t count in your actual bill but the bill of the service that you have received from the waiter or waitress if you are in a restaurant or cafe.

Whenever you go to the restaurant to have dinner or lunch or what you are eating, when you purchase it, the amount that you pay goes to the owner or the firm of that particular place, not to the person who is actually giving you the ease.

Places Where We Tip

tip calculator

This is not necessary that you need to just only pay tip in restaurants and cafes. There are other places where you actually need to pay or have to pay or maybe they are not asking but according to the situation you must pay. Below are some of the places where you pay or not pay the tip

Restaurants and Bartenders: the bar where bartenders serve you the alcohol drinks and the place where you eat breakfast, lunch or dinner. Most restaurants, hotels, and cafes. You should consider only 15% – 20% tip of your total bill not more than that which is according to the tip calculator. Well about the tip calculator, we will discuss a little later.

Food Delivery: even though you are not going out for eating, but if you have ordered something and the delivery is on time with hot-hot food, then you should pay the tip. The paying amount would be 15% – 20%, depends on what is the distance and the price of the delivery.

Hotel Housekeeping: not necessary but if you want to then just pay $1-$2 per person for 1 night. It totally on you how you feel it give like

Automotive Services and Mechanic: They are not expecting any sort of tip but you can spare some either using a tip calculator or just give them some dollars depends on the amount.

Taxi or cab Drivers: the range will be from 15%-20% of the total amount which is not asked by the drivers, it on you and the calculation on tip calculator

Massage: here you should give them according to your massage experience as they do not get it from the owner. Tip amount will vary from 10% to 20%, you can check it on tip calculator

Tour Guides: tipping the tour guides is not expected but if you think that the person is going great then you can hand over $1 to $5 which depends upon the distance of the tour

How to tip different services?


So think of it, how should we hand the money to the person. Actually this is not that much difficult though. For restaurants and cafe what you can do is simply leaving the money inside the folder in which the waiter brings the bill. For tipping delivery guy, cab driver, the tour guide is ever more convenient, you need just give them straightforwardly.

But you need to take care in the case of the maid, in a hotel if you leave the tip on the table, that may confuse the maid if it is for her or maybe you will come back and take it. So to make it easy for her or him, just leave a note with the cash or just put between the pillows to that they get it for their tip.

Why tipping is important?

Importance of tip calculator

To answer this question, just think of a person who works in a cafe, what do you think about how much he earns by just doing an ordinary job. They get the very basic pay and what every we pay for food, it directly goes to the cafe’s owner, but if we tip to the person you serve us throughout our meal, that could help the person to make some saving.

What is the tip calculator?

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As I mentioned above about the tip calculator. Actually calculating the tip is very important. Just imagine that you and your 4 friends having a drink at the bar and bartender prepares your drinks and your pretty much liked the way he served and want to give the tip, but the question is how much and the second question is who will pay the tip, one guy or the 5 of all.

To overcome a situation like this, there is a tip calculator. That will tell you what is the actual of a tip should be given to the bartender. If you are 5 people drinking and you couldn’t figure out what is the split bill for each one and what should be the tip.

How to use Tip calculator

You must be wondering how it will work right? So the thing is you have to open the tip calculator in your browser and then open it. There will be 3 options, first, if you need to just calculate the tip, then enter the total bill then the percentage of the tip and the amount of the tip. You will get the total tip

But in case you got stuck with the split-tip for each member of the group then also you will get the separate-separate tip by using a tip calculator.

Final words

You spend alot of money on other unnecessary stuff. If you tip some money to the people for their services then it may make their day and yours too. You can take the help of tip calculator for the exact about of money to be paid for tip. You get the tip calculator you can just search on google for tip calculator and you will find plenty of them. If any questions please drop it in the comment section below.


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