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Has the Wife of Dr. Donald Cline Left Him? Breakdown of Divorce Settlements

Jacoba Ballard is thrust into the spotlight in Netflix’s Our Father in order to reveal the truth about her kinship and the unethical behavior of Dr. Donald Cline.

We talk about Donald Cline’s wife, what she thought of his behavior, and how many children he has.

In the documentary Our Father, which was directed by Lucie Jourdan, Ballard takes the starring role as she investigates her parents’ fertility specialist. The film retells the events through a series of interviews and role-playing.

The Wife of Donald Cline Views His Actions as Adultery

Susie Cline, Donald Cline’s wife, received treatment from her husband at the reproductive clinic despite not playing a significant role in the Netflix documentary.

There isn’t much information available on Susie or her marriage to Cline, but the medical record does show that they had two kids together, Donna and Doug.

After contacting Jacoba Ballard, according to the documentary, via Distractify, Donald contacted her once more to explain that “digging up the past was killing his marriage” because his wife believed his acts to be adultery.

Whether Donald and Susie are still married is presently unclear.

Who is Susie Cline, Donald Cline’s wife?

Susie is not well-known, but the Netflix Life documentary indicates that she too underwent fertility treatment with her husband. Donna and Doug Cline, the couple’s two kids, are born to them. Additionally, according to Donald in the documentary, Susie would leave her husband if she ever learned what he had done. Our Father also seems to clarify that Susie was unaware of what her husband was doing.

In a 2019 story in The Atlantic, author Sarah Zhang spoke with a number of Cline’s adopted kids. Despite the fact that Susie is largely absent from the Our Father documentary, Donald did meet with some of his kids before it aired. Jacoba Ballard contacted him for information, and his son Doug set up the encounter.

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Dr. Cline Has How Many Children?

It is unknown how many whole children Dr. Donald has at this time. It is established that the doctor is the natural father of at least 90 children, but there may be more since numerous different DNA tests are still being done.

One of his children, Jacoba, signed into the genome website to learn more about her forebears, which is when suspicions first surfaced. To her surprise, she had more siblings than seven.

Later, Jacoba learned that she and her siblings were all donor infants and that they all had the same fertility specialist. She continued to look for more of her siblings.

Has Dr. Donald Cline’s Spouse, Audrey Susie, Filed for Divorce?

It is still unknown if Dr. Donald Cline’s companion has broken up with him or forgiven him for his transgressions. Additionally, not a lot of information is available about the doctor’s spouse in the Netflix series Our Father.

It is thought that he is currently living a retired life with his family in Indiana. The clause doesn’t specify if Donald’s partner Susie continues to live with him or not, though.

Daughter of Dr. Donald Cline: Who is Heather Woock? Wikipedia bio of Dr. Donald Cline’s daughter is examined

The documentary’s brief cutaway of Audrey indicates that she, too, received reproductive treatment from her husband. Doug is a son he shares with Audrey, and Donna is a daughter.

Additionally, Our Father implies that Susie was completely unconscious of what her husband was up to. One of Cline’s adopted children, Jacoba, claimed in the documentary that Donald sought to stop her from “digging up the past” because it was endangering their marriage. Additionally, he implied to Jacoba that his partner believed his acts to constitute infidelity.

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Detail of Court Settlements

Indianapolis Infertility and Cline reportedly paid $100,000 in each of the allegations, which is the maximum liability for a licensed healthcare professional, according to legal expert Kent Winningham.

The Patients Compensation Fund added $350,000 in “damages” or payment in each of those authorized lawsuits.

Donald Cline, M.D. What Has Been Happening With Dr. Donald Cline? Where Is He Now? According To Wiki, What Is His Age?

Winingham claims that because these complaints center on events from the 1970s and 1980s, there is a medical malpractice cap of $500,000 that applies to them. The doctor spent almost $1.3 million in total.

He asserts that the medical malpractice cap might be $1.8 million ($1.3 million from the Patients Compensation Fund and $500,000 from the licensed healthcare provider) if Cline had been sued today for the identical behavior.

Additionally, Dr. Donald had his medical license revoked, although he avoided jail time.

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