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The New GoPro HERO3 Is Coming Out Soon

GoPro cameras are a must-have for every hobbyist, sports fan, or adventurer! By far, the best footage is captured by them!
The GoPro Hero 3 has just been unveiled by the company. It’s brand new, snazzy, and loaded with impressive features and specifications.


  • It is smaller – 25% lighter and 30% smaller than the previous model.
  • Better video performance – the Black Edition captures 1440p videos with 48fps (frames per second), full HD 1080p with 60fps and 720p with 120fps. This is ideal for slow-motion fans!
  • Faster photo performance – It can make 12MP pictures with a frame rate of 30 pics per second. Also, it offers an improved time-lapse function.
  • Redesigned audio system
  • Built-in Wi-Fi system with an included Wi-Fi remote (Black Edition). This makes it possible to control the camera with your smartphone!

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The other two editions, Silver and White, which offer less features and the Black Edition will be available by the end of November.
For more details, visit the GoPro website!
You can see for yourself just how amazing the GoPro HERO3 is in the video below. Make sure you watch the video and feel your heart rate soar. (Watching it with sound and on a large screen is strongly recommended!)

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