If you want to upload large files pdf files in a WhatsApp group and are not able to do it because of the size of it, then you should not worry about it as you have landed yourself in the right place and at the right time as today we are going to talk about different tricks and tips that can help you in the simple uploading of pdf files as well as videos in the WhatsApp groups. You should know that WhatsApp is the trendiest platform and is known as a popular messenger tool if you want to connect with your friends and family.

You should know that if WhatsApp is being used all across the globe and has over billions of users if you are using WhatsApp then you would know how people are accepting this social media messenger tool all across the planet. You should know that not only you can exchange text messages with WhatsApp but can also share media files including pictures, videos, audio files and gifs with this tool. You can also use this platform for formal office use as with this online tool, and you can easily help yourself in the simple sending or document as well as pdf files.

One of the only cons in WhatsApp is that it cannot allow you to send over large file size over a certain limit. Sometimes the most important file to share is the ones that are large too. In this resource, we are going to tell you all about the best ways in which you can reduce the pdf file size or compress pdf to send it via WhatsApp.

Sending Large files via WhatsApp

How to Send Large Video Files on WhatsApp upto 1 GB? — Tech Support

If you have a large file pdf that you want to share via this platform without compromising the data and the style of the original file, then you should simply read these methods that we have given below for you guys. These are the simplest ones, and you can use them without any experience and skills for that matter.

Compress PDF tool

How to Reduce PDF Size without Losing Quality for free


Technology is advancing every turning day, you should look for different tools and opportunities that can help you with different problems of yours. Large pdf files are not a big issue if you are well-equipped with the best online utilities that can tackle this problem of yours. The compress pdf tools which are also known as the Pdf compressor are the ones that assist you in sending large sized pdf files via WhatsApp without tampering with the quality of the content.

The Compress Pdf tool by duplichecker is known to be the best online utility that can help you compress pdf files without any payments or formalities. If you search the browser for the best ‘Compress Pdf’ tools, then there is a possibility that you would get more than ten different tools and applications that can help you in this regard, but while compressing pdf you should be careful, period! You cannot just pick a tool at random for pdf compression as it includes the risk of ruining the document style. The above-mentioned pdf compressor will get you a downloadable and small-sized pdf file without changing the quality and style of the original pdf! Then you can share the small-sized pdf via WhatsApp without any issue.

Using Google Drive

Cloud Storage for Work and Home - Google Drive

You can easily use Google drive for this purpose of reducing the file size of pdf. You must be thinking that google drive is just a storage platform for the online file, but you should know that you can enjoy a lot of tricks with drive, including the reduction of file size. If you are not familiar with this part of google drive, then you should simply read the passage below so that you can know how to compress pdf with google drive without changing the quality of the original file!

  • The first step is to open or initiate google drive on your smartphone, WhatsApp is a smartphone application, so you have to ensure that you have a drive on your phone for reduction.
  • Now after opening google drive on your device, you have to click on the ‘+’ button or the home screen, which will give you further options. Now from these options, you have to look for the one that says ‘upload’ and tap on it afterward.
  • Now when you tap on upload, you would see that it will direct you to the local drive of your system from where you can easily grab pdf files and upload them.
  • When the file is uploaded, the next point is to click on the three dots beside the file icon.
  • In the three dots, you will easily find the sharing option, you can select share via WhatsApp or can easily copy the link of the pdf file generated by the Google drive.
  • You can share this link via WhatsApp without worrying about the size, and the receiver can easily download the pdf file from the drive on his/her device.

This is a very magical way of sending any file size via WhatsApp, but both the parties should have google drive installed in their smartphones! If you are not satisfied with this particular method and want to share pdf files directly via WhatsApp, then the first method that we have described can help you a lot in this regard!


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