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Juliana Carlos Net Worth 2022 and Relationship Status | She Apologizes to LeBron James After the Controversy

Chris Carlos’s wife, Juliana Carlos, is a social media star and entrepreneur. LeBron James, an American professional basketball player, and Instagram model Juliana Carlos got into a heated argument during a Lakers vs. Atlanta Hawks game in Los Angeles on Tuesday that caused the referees to halt the game in its tracks. The couple had been watching the game at the time.

Age of Juliana Carlos

A native of the United States, Juliana Carlos is now 26 years old. There is very little information accessible about her family members. As soon as possible, we will keep you informed.


Model, YouTuber, and social media sensation Juliana Carlos has 75.7k Instagram followers. Following an altercation with NBA superstar LeBron James, she and her husband received media attention after being removed from their courtside seats due to security concerns.

Julia Carlos

After the video went viral, Juliana’s Instagram and Twitter posts were deluged with “courtside Karen” parodies. According to her YouTube channel, she has 372 subscribers; her videos are mainly cosmetics and outfit instructions, and she has received endorsement deals from Lou Boutin World, Dior, and Pretty Little Things, all local online businesses.

Husband of Juliana Carlos, Wedlock, and Family

Chris Carlos, a successful businessman, married Juliana Carlos on March 13, 2020. The Georgia-based Republic National Distributing Co. has been Chris Carlos’s business partner for more than 30 years now. Micheal Carlos (father) and Thalia N Carlos (mother) gave birth to him (Mother). The second-largest premium wine and spirits distributor in the United States is Carlos.

Chris has previously served on the board of directors for organizations like Murphy’s Heart, Ronald McDonald House, and Children’s Hospital, as well as on committees for these organizations. In addition, he provided support to non-profits and community organizations in Atlanta, including the Zoo and the Ballet.

Julia Carlos

Juliana Carlos Body Measurements, Height, And Weight

In Juliana’s case, she’s 5 feet 8 inches tall (1.7 meters). She weighs about 132 pounds (60 kgs). As far as her physical stature is concerned, she is a 34-33-36-inch woman. Her hair is blonde, and her eyes are hazel-brown. Julian’s complexion looks dewy and radiant.

Controversy Over Juliana Carlos

While playing against the Hawks, Juliana and her husband got into an altercation with the star of the Los Angeles Lakers, Lebron James, which escalated swiftly.

The woman who was yelling at LeBron James was widely criticized, but she later posted videos of the incident.

Julia Carlos

That’s when things really took off between them, she said, because he started yelling and cursing before her husband was even taken out of the game.

A few seconds after Juliana Carlos remarked, “you ain’t going to do nothing,” she bumped him in the head with something hard, which was probably simply an unfortunate coincidence given what was happening around them at the moment.

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Statement By Juliana

Juliana Carlos, who was watching the game with her husband and son, stated, “Chris has been a Hawks fan forever.”

Her reaction to LeBron’s trash talk when he called out Russell Westbrook for not playing hard enough in Game 3 of their series last week shows that she doesn’t care about him at all.

That’s when “someone gets this text from someone stating they watched what just transpired on camera,” “my [husband] gets.”

And I am so enraged that there are no words strong enough to express my feelings right now!

LeBron James and his wife had a disagreement, according to her: “Don’t f—-ing talk to my husband!”

In his eyes, I see him saying to me, “Sit the f—- down.” Then I said, “Don’t f—king call me a bitch. You’re going to have to take a seat. Get out of here, you scumbag. Do not insult my husband in this manner.'”

In LeBron’s Own Words

During a tense conversation with reporters, James maintained his composure and even said that he didn’t think they should be kicked out.

At the end of the day, after scoring 21 points and dishing out nine assists against Golden State, “I’m delighted fans are back in here!… I’m looking forward to the next game!” “Interactions like this are what I miss.”

How Much Money Does Julia Carlos have?

Her exact net worth is unknown at this time, however, given the nature of her job and the length of her modeling career, we may assume it is at least $200,000.

In addition, her husband’s fortune is reported to be in the hundreds of millions, if not billions, according to media reports.

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