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Is There Going to Be a Season 3 of Marco Polo?

Fans of the TV show Marco Polo are eagerly awaiting the arrival of season three in the hopes of getting another dose of Kublai Khan, played by Benedict Wong. On Friday, June 23, 2023, at about the same time as before, is when we anticipate its arrival. This is what we know of John Fusco’s continuing experience.

Season 3 of Marco Polo: Everything We Know So Far!

The television show Marco Polo is a historical drama. John Fusco was responsible for the show’s conception, and the Weinstein Company oversaw its production.

A premiere of Marco Polo premiered on Netflix on December 12, 2014. Netflix quickly opted to renew the programme for a second season despite the audience’s mixed reception to the first.

Season 3 of Marco Polo Will Include Which Actors?

For the third season, we want to see the same core cast return. Kublai Khan will once again be played by Benedict Wong, and Marco Polo by Lorenzo Richelmy. Actor Uli Latukefu will portray Byamba, Zhu Zhu will play Kokachin, Amr Waked will play Yusuf, star Tom Wu will play Hundred Eyes, and Mahesh Jadu will play Ahmad, joining Pierfrancesco Favino as Niccol Polo, Remy Hii (Prince Jingim), Joan Chen (Empress Chabi), and others.

How About a Season 3 of Marco Polo?

Sad to be the bearer of bad news, but Netflix has opted not to renew Marco Polo for a third season.
Already a lousy idea, Season 2 was a failure when it premiered, and the series was cancelled by Netflix shortly thereafter due to low viewership. The fact that reviewers and fans have differing opinions on the programme may come as a comfort. Netflix lost a total of $200 million between the two seasons.

As a result, Netflix and The Weinstein Company made the decision to not renew Marco Polo for a third season.marco polo season 3

Is there a Season 3 of Marco Polo trailer out there?

Look at the web video for the next episode of the show. Near the release date, the official trailer will be made available on Netflix.

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Comment by Cindy

Soon after the programme was cancelled, Cindy Holland, vice president of Netflix, issued a statement.

“We’d want to express our appreciation and gratitude to everyone who helped make Marco Polo a success, from the artists whose performances were stellar to the hardworking producers like Dan Minahan, John Fusco, Patrick Macmanus, and the rest of their team. They gave all they had to the show, and Harvey, David, and our pals at The Weinstein Company were wonderful collaborators throughout,” she gushed. In the event that there is any new information, we will certainly make it known to you.

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