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How Avocado Tequila Is Related To Tom Brady Buccaneers Parade ‘Performance’

Avocado Tequila: Tom Brady, a quarterback for the NFL, is famous for several things, including his “80/20 diet,” his “TB12 Method,” and his habit of drinking a lot of water. Now, Brady’s tweet about avocados and tequila has gained widespread attention.

Tom Brady follows a stringent diet and workout routine, which includes going to bed between 8:30 and 9 o’clock at night and being a vegan for most of the year.

According to his most recent tweets, he is also a supporter of the beverage known as “avocado tequila.” However, is there such a thing as avocado tequila?

Just a Little Avocado Tequila

After watching the Tampa Bay Buccaneers boat procession, Brady made his way onto the dry ground with the assistance of a helper. He reposted ESPN’s article after the network shared a video of him staggering about Twitter while intoxicated.

Brady made a joke about his own “performance,” enjoying the notoriety that his dietary routine has earned and probably making a reference to the growing popularity of avocado toast. In the note he left for her, he said, “Noting to see her…just a little avocado tequila.”

The joke that Tom Brady made about avocados and tequila has already received over 600 thousand likes and approximately 100,000 retweets.

Is Avocado Tequila a Thing?

In a recipe published in 2014, smoothie supporters known as Blender Babes discovered a method to “incorporate the smooth, rich fruit of the avocado” into a “green margarita.” In their words, “incorporate the smooth, rich fruit of the avocado”

“A thick, velvety texture carries the tequila, while cilantro and celery salt balances the sweetness,” they assert. “A thick, velvety texture conveys the tequila.”

Avocado Tequila

On the other hand, the chef Syd Marshall, who can be found on the channel Cooking Guide on YouTube, suggests combining tequila and lime juice with grilled avocado. Who would’ve guessed?

In the meanwhile, a non-profit marketing organization known as Avocados from Mexico has created a recipe that incorporates tequila with guacamole and calls it Avocado Tequila Salsa.

A separate social media presence for avocado tequila is currently being developed. It’s possible that Tom Brady is responsible for the increased popularity of avocado tequila.

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Response From Users on Twitter

It should come as no surprise that Tom’s sense of humor has raised quite a ruckus, yet it has.

According to the Bleacher Report, Tom has “become nearly as skilled at this social media thing as he has at real football.” On the other side,

On the other hand, several people on Twitter are calling him out for reportedly flouting lockdown limits, which can be summarised as the fact that he is not wearing a mask.

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