Elementor is a free plugin that helps to build pages in WordPress. It has approx 3 million active installs. This plugin allows you to create any websites by simple drag. You can download this plugin and install it in WordPress to start using it. The paid version of Elementor is also available and known as Elementor pro. You can edit and design live on your website without going with any preview mode. It makes planning more comfortable and straightforward. On the pro version, you can enjoy extra features like addon tools for editing your webpages very quickly.

Features of Elementor page builder


Fast editing experience

Elementor is a quick responding plugin. The response of each click while editing the web pages is rapid. It doesn’t take a long time to load and arrange. You can instantly drag and drop any page you want to edit. It will not give you any stress and complexity while selecting. Its slick interface is quite comfortable to access and saves your time for editing. It’s fun and easy to work with Elementor.

LIVE Designing

The edit works here totally live. Unlike other plugins, it doesn’t show you a preview before saving. You are open with your live webpage and edit whatever you want. It allows you to do inline editing directly on your page. You can work here without Gutenberg using Live mode.

Surprising features

Elementor has a lot of remarkable features like creating designer touch on the pages and Box shadow creator. Some other features include:-

  • Background Overlays
  • Headline Effects
  • Hover Effects
  • Gradient Backgrounds maker
  • Animations
  • Shape Dividers



It provides hundreds of responsive WordPress templates for building your page. You can choose any of the models from here and customize it. You can also give you an option to create your pages without choosing any template. It also has hundreds of blocks available for building pages of your choice.

You can combine this designed blocks to your pages to enhance page business. You can give color to your bricks and also customize them by choosing the type of category your page belongs. You can export these blocks also to different websites with a click.



Elementor page builder also provides mobile editing features like:-

  • Changing different font size
  • Manage padding and margin lines in device
  • reverse column ordering

These features make it the most powerful mobile page builder also for creating websites for mobile view.

UNDO / REDO Option

It supports the undo and redo option to manage your editing. You can click on ctrl Z option to cancel and go back.


Elementor is the best choice for creating landing pages. It has CANVAS- A BLANK PAGE TEMPLATE that enables you to design your entire page with any need for header and footer. Canvas is compatible with any theme and provides you an excellent experience to work on a blank template.


You don’t need to make your website offline while using Elementor. As Elementor is a live editor so changing it live with creating disturbances for other users while accessing your site. You can quickly turn on the maintenance mode to show the visitors that your website is under construction.

Essential Addon for Elementor


It contains the best addon widgets that will make your editing more simple. It has near about 30 packed widgets to improve your design in pages. It comprises the following tools:-

  • Heading:- You can add eye-catching headlines and fancy headings.
  • Image:- you can control image size, it’s opacity, brightness, etc.
  • Text Editor:- Same as the WordPress editor.
  • Video:- it allows you to add YouTube videos to your page.
  • Button:- You can change your button design and give it a clickable look.
  • Image Box:- You can create an image box with a headline and text.
  • Icons:- You can place over 600+ icons to your page. You can also use the icon box, the same as the image box. You can add social icons like Facebook, twitter to your page.

Elementor gives you many features, but still, there are some options available that you can access and make your editing more and more simple by using its paid version.

Why should you try Elementor pro?


Elementor pro will enhance your skill in building pages and improves your designing experience. It’s more fast and better than its free version. You can access it without any knowledge of coding. The theme builder has a feature to improve your visuality, including the footer, header, and archive design.

Features of Elementor pro are the following:-

  • The visual and intuitive form builder tool
  • Custom fonts
  • Marketing automation and CRM integrations
  • Role manager
  • Image & video sliders
  • Animated headlines
  • Blog post layout widgetGlobal widgets
  • WooCommerce
  • Custom CSS

For these reasons, most web professionals prefer Elementor Pro for building pages.

Ultimate addon for Elementor

Elementor - Its Elements | Features | Premium Addons | Pricing 1

Ultimate addons are available in a pro version that makes a web developer to ease their way of working some ultimate addons for Elementor includes:-

  • Image Gallery:- it allows you to displays images in a grid.
  • Image slider:- You can easily manage image slider edit and remove images and give them animation.
  • Icon List:- You can find a bullet list with any chosen icon and text.
  • Tabs:- You can add vertical or horizontal tabs on your content.
  • Toggle:- You can use Google to display FAQ pages.
  • Star Rating:- You can also add a rating option to get the rating of your products. This feature is favorite for affiliate websites.
  • Alert:- You can create an alert box to draw the attention of the visitor.
  • HTML:- It also allows you to insert code into the page. You can also directly enter a shortcode from any plugin.
  • Read More:- It gives you to customize the read more option for your post.
  • Google Maps:- You can easily insert Google maps into your page.
  • SoundCloud:- You can add audio from SoundCloud to your pages.
  • Divider:- A-line to divides different elements on the page.
  • Spacer:- It has a space feature that divides the various elements.
  • Columns:- You can easily create inner columns inside the column, and so on.
  • Multilanguage support:- You can insert an integrated RTL multilanguage translation feature to your page. It will help you to show your content in different languages.

Premium Addon for Elementor

Elementor - Its Elements | Features | Premium Addons | Pricing 2

Excluding the pro version supports other premium addons to improve your design level. There are more than 50 highly customizable widgets and addons to build sophisticated websites. Some of the premium addonsElementor are:-

  • Content Switcher (PRO): This addon is for presenting multiple contents and working with a text editor smartly.
  • Tabs Widget (PRO): With the help of this addon, you can create Vertical and Horizontal tabs inside the page and improve your styling features.
  • Image Comparison Widget (PRO): This addon help for creating vertical or horizontal image comparison inside the page builder of the Elementor interface.
  • Image Hotspots Widget (PRO):– With the help of Image Hotspots Widget, you can create a freehand design using your mouse.
  • Image Layers Widget (PRO): You can make layers by combining multiple images and give them animation for scrolling with your mouse.
  • Image Accordion Widget (PRO): It is the best addon for creating an eye-catching image. This addon will attract the visitors towards the vision for clicking.
  • Facebook and Google Reviews Widget (PRO): It is the only Elementor addon that allows you to show off your Google and Facebook Reviews on your website.

Crocoblock For Elementor

Crocoblock For Elementor

It is the top-rated plugin of Elementor. It an all in one toolkit for editing the pages in Elementor. It consists of about 18 Jet plugins, 47 templates, 150 widgets, and 64 types of popup style managing choices in one plugin. You can create an advance dynamic content without taking any stress. It supports the KAVA theme, which is a dominant blogging theme.

Pricing of Crocoblock

Elementor - Its Elements | Features | Premium Addons | Pricing 3

Crocoblock is not a free tool. You can use it and take benefits if you are ready to go pro by paying the following charges:-

  • Design:-
    • For one website:- $49 per year
    • For unlimited site:- $69 per year
  • For Multitool access:- $99 per year
  • For E-commerce:- $99 per year
  • All-inclusive robust mega set:- $229 per year
  • Lifetime ultimate mega set:– $499

Final words

Elementor is available both as free and paid. It an excellent option to develop your webpages and give it a professional look. Elementor aims to provide services free to improve the learning experience of building pages. Most of the free users of Elementor get to convert to Paid ones within just a few months. Thus, investing here will make people overgrow if they do their work in a disciplined manner. It’s the best tool on the internet for page building.


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