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Ea Sports Cricket 2020 :- A Big Update in Game

There are about 190+ countries where people like to play cricket and watch the cricket game on television whenever it comes to it. If you think about, there are about 100+ countries who have their national cricket team and about 150+ countries have their domestic cricket team.

This is pretty much clear that the cricket is not just a game, it is something beyond that. Somehow now the people don’t really feel like go outside and play this game by gathering 12-15 player less or more. This is very simple that people have a lot of work to do in their daily bases but when they were kids, they must have played a lot

To think of it, now days kid even not want to go outside and play, they have their tech gadgets to play with. They got PlayStation, Xbox, personal computers and smartphones. Young age people still watch the cricket match with enthusiasm and also prefer to play the game on pc or PlayStation as they don’t have to gather the whole bunch of people together.

Cricket 07 or EA sports cricket 2020?


This is the year 2020 and as I can see that the people till preferring to play cricket 07 even now. EA Cricket is the cricket series video game and the publisher is EA sports and in the ’20s and 21’s there were a lot of game series was released and at the same time, people really liked to play on PlayStation and playstation2. The game was also designed for computer as well.

History of EA sports cricket

If we check the record of EA sports cricket, it started in 1995 where they launch the very first cricket game for pc and PlayStation that made the gaming easier than ever. Back then there was not used to have that many computers or PlayStations but later the year after 2000, the sale of EA cricket skyrocket with a large number of game buyers. 

Series of the EA cricket is as follow

  • Cricket 96
  • Cricket 97
  • Cricket World Cup 99
  • Cricket 2000
  • Cricket 2002
  • Cricket 2004
  • Cricket 2005
  • Cricket 07

In all these series on and only on series got the popularity in no time. That series was Cricket 07 and still, people are crazy about this game

What is the new in EA sports cricket 2020

EA Sports Cricket 2020
EA Sports Cricket 2020

As of now, there has been a modification to the cricket 07 and these adding are magnificent and also there are a lot of things which are added and I will mention some of them for now and will write a detailed article on new updates and changes a little later.

  • You will be going to see new tournaments
  • More customized teams
  • International and domestic teams of many countries
  • Real team player names and their jerseys
  • New beautifully designed stadiums
  • New national cups and domestic cups with adding of Asia cup
  • Very details texture and animation of the players
  • Included all the popular cricket leagues such as IPL, BPL, BBL, PSL, CPL and many more
  • Newly added teams and their kits
  • Changes in graphics as well

Releasing date of EA sports cricket 2020

EA Sports Cricket 2020
EA Sports Cricket 2020

In the year of 2019, the EA sports are having arguments on releasing a new addition to the previous cricket series and named it as EA sports cricket 2020, however, all these years they have been planning and developing other game as well but because they knew that cricket is the never-ending game in this generation.

For the update, because of this pandemic, the release date may be going to postpone and there is not yet any confirmation on releasing the EA sports cricket 2020 for now and if you want to play the EA cricket 07 with the latest patch then check out this link to download the latest patch for EA sports cricket 

Last words

In the end, do not fall for the scam website who claim to have the latest version of EA sports cricket. And also if you want to give you contribution to the developer of the games then go and purchase it from the developer’s official website.

There are many sites who may have a link to the new game but they are probably fake or they are redirecting you to somewhere else, so be careful from those sites. Keep in touch, we will keep update you regarding the upcoming EA sports Cricket 2020 and we will provide you with the link to download as well,  any query of question ping it in the comment section below.

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