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HD Streamz – Are you addicted to a Television show? But, lost your cable connection or your TV set isn’t working. And I know you cant carry your TV set everywhere. Heard, you miss watching television during a bus journey. Well, this article is for you people. And, not only for couch potatoes but this article is also useful to retro-radio lovers. So, whosoever, you are read this to the end! Also download HD streamz apk in free.

We live in an era where the large screen multiplex and theaters are continuously shifting to 6 inches smartphones. And not only blockbuster movies, even your favorite TV shows, serials, and channels can also be streamed to your mobile screen. There are hundreds of streaming app around the internet which promises to stream live TV channels on android screen. But, again, all of them aren’t worthy. One such most popular application is HD Streamz. According to some surveys, HD Streamz is one of the most downloaded free streaming applications worldwide.

What is HD Streamz?

As the name showing HD Streamz is a streaming application that allows you to stream in high quality. For fun, you can relate HD in HD Streamz is a high display! HD Streamz is free to download the app. Users around the world have appreciated the app as a virus-free app. The app allows you to stream 1000+ television channels and various radio channels too. The application is available in 10+ countries, including India.

download hd streamz for android
download hd streamz

What are the features of HD Streamz?

HD Streamz comprises of hundreds of features. With these features, you can crown yourself as the king of the streaming world. Here are the characteristics of HD Streamz listed below:

  1. 1000+ televisions channels worldwide: HD Streamz provides more than a thousand channels in a different country. The country includes Bangladesh, India, USA, UK, Pakistan, Saudi Arabia, UAE, Qatar, Serbia, Portugal, Romania, Ireland, Netherlands, Spain, Myanmar, Canada, South Africa, German, etc.
  2. Radio channels: Not only TV channels but HD Streamz also allows you to stream radio channels of different frequencies in different corners of the globe.
  3. Live streaming: This is one of the vital features of HD Streamz. HD Streamz provides live streaming of different content. Yes, Yes, you got it right; now you can enjoy your favorite TV serial or show with the rest of the viewers live.
  4. Multiple streaming links: As the headline shows. HD Streamz provides you access to numerous links for the same channel. This helps you in uninterrupted entertainment. If one of your links goes down, click on another one. And enjoy your watching.
  5. Quick user support: HD Streamz is developed, keeping user needs in mind. It is designed in a user-friendly manner. Users can ask the app to add his favorite missing channel through the support option. The company responded immediately to the user requirement and soon add the channel for him.
  6. User-friendly: As told you earlier, the HD Streamz app is user friendly, not only because of its quick response system. But also for its interface. It comprises of material design UI, which is one of the most convenient UI for users.

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How to download HD Streamz on Android?

You might be planning to download the application soon for androids. And might be worried about finding the most legal one. Several apps in the Google Play store and Apple store are claiming themselves as standard HD Streamz TV. But, personally, none of them is verified. The verified and most accurate HD Streamz can be downloaded only from the official site of HD Streamz. Worry less, given below, is the verified link for HD Streamz. All you need to follow these simple steps:

  1. Open your Android’s settings.
  2. Find security open in it.
  3. Allow the installation from unknown sources.
  4. Click on the link given below.


  1. Follow as directed.

Once you download HD Streamz in your device, the home page appears on the screen, which allows you to explore various TV and radio channels based on categories and regions. You can also switch to radio channels through some simple and easy clicks.

Why only HD Streamz?

Many readers asked us why only HD Streamz and not any other streaming application. First of all, it is a matter of choice for users to choose their streaming site or application. But, lemme remind you HD Streamz is one of the most popular and user-friendly application.

Unlike other sites and applications, HD Streamz is not pirated or illegal in any country. Instead, it is a legal and virus free application. So, along with user-friendly, it is also friendly with your devices.

So, if you are looking for some means to transfer your high-tech Androids into a portable television, we have brought the best way for you. Now you can plunder live TV shows and serials on your mobiles. Also, you have to wait no longer to watch your matches after your travels or journey. Do it simply. Download HD Streamz and stop cursing your parents for buying you a separate TV for your room. Happy Streaming FRIENDS!

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

  1. Is HD Streamz legal in India?

Yes, HD Streamz is totally legal in 19 countries, including India, UK, the USA, Pakistan, German, etc.

  1. What are the mobile requirements to download HD Streamz?

There are no as such mobile requirements to download HD Streamz. But, make sure your device has enough space for a lag-free experience.

  1. What is the annual cost for the subscription of HD Streamz in India?

HD Streamz is available for no cost. The application is free for its users worldwide.

  1. Can I connect HD Streamz to my FireStick?

Yes, you can connect HD Streamz on FireStick by using an APK file from the downloader from Amazon.

  1. Are TeaTV and HD Streamz the same?

No, unlike HD Streamz, TeaTV is illegal and unsafe for use.

  1. What is the display quality while live streaming in HD Streamz?

Minor complaints are registered against video quality in HD Streamz. Users generally experience a high-quality video according to their network.

  1. Is streaming illegal in India?

Yes, streaming is legal in India when done through trusted and legal applications and sites.


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