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Download EA Sports Cricket Free for Pc


Cricket has always been the most loved source of entertainment in free times. In this diverse world, which compromises different people, nations, traditions, languages, and cultures, cricket brings all land together. In other words, cricket is not a word but an emotion. And, currently, when we are going through this pandemic, playing outside is not safe for health. But, worry less, when classes are going online, why don’t your favorite sports. Yes, yes, I am talking about EA sports and gaming. So, here is the revised information about EA Cricket!

To convert your free time into fun time, you can install EA sports cricket 2018, make your own team and, enjoy. Electronic arts sports design different e-games, for example, cricket, FIFA, baseball and, many more. Besides the fields, EA sports had worked splendidly to bring cricket on screens also. EA sports cricket 2020 is a gaming patch modified and updated from CRICKET 07, the original EA computer game developed by HB Studios and published by Electronic Arts (EA). In such e-games, players can choose their own team and rival team of different nations and players. Even, for the coming Fiscal year 2021 (April 2020-March 2021), EA is planning to fascinate its audience by launching 14 more games, and eight among them will be big non-sports release such as NBA live, FIFA live and Star War.

What is EA sports cricket 2020?

EA sports cricket 2020
EA sports cricket 2020

Realistically, there is no such official version of EA cricket 2020. The company launches its last version under the name of CRICKET 2007, which gained much popularity and attention from the audience. After that, EA gridlocked its interest in cricket e-games due to player’s license issues and rampant piracy. There was a rumor around the internet that EA is going to launch back its cricket games and their modified version again in 2020, but later it was denied by EA itself.

However, many modified patches developed further. These patches have been actively able to engage a lakh of players. The most popular modified 2018 patch is MSD cricket patch or mega cricket patch. The latest patch in 2020 is launched by SIDDHARTH JONWAL, which gained quite an attention from the audience.

Here, we are providing you two personally verified links for downloading two of popular modified patches.



Most recent cricket patches:

Suppose you have already tried the above two patches before, don’t lose your heart. Here is the latest information related to all modern and latest patches that surrounded the internet in 2020.

This year three MEGA patches are released by three different modded teams. Though, I would recommend you try all these three to explore which one suites your PC requirements the most. Also, three of these have different and exciting features. And, a cricket lover won’t miss a chance to explore those.

  1. First MEGA patch of 2020: Released in June 2020, this patch includes ICC championships, World Test Championships, and India tour of NewZealand. HD StudioZ develops this patch.
  2. Second MEGA patch of 2020: HD StudioZ, too, develops this patch. It includes IPL and PSL. ( Both patches of HD StudioZ are paid patches)
  3. Third MEGA patch of 2020: This MEGA patch is developed by HQ StudioZ and is free. The patch is commonly known as HQ StudioZ Cricket Unleashed 2020. It was released in August 2020 and includes Vivo IPLs, BBLs, and World Cup 2020.

Here is the link to download this game.



How to play EA Sports Cricket?


how to play EA sports cricket
how to play EA sports cricket

There are different studios via this patch of EA sports cricket that can be downloaded. But, the most accurate and reliable way is to download the latest patch from ECricketgames or the link.

· Create your profile in the game.

· Choose your teams and players.

Once, your team is chosen, you can easily modify the settings by adjusting.

· level of difficulty

· number of overs

· type of fielding

What’s new in Ea Sports Cricket?

Whats new in EA supports cricket
Whats new in EA supports cricket


The modified patches are able to gain audience attention because of the changes they made. Changes such as

  • test matches
  • tournaments
  • different umpires for different matches
  • quick games
  • ICC champions trophy 2017
  • International events and tournaments
  • the ashes
  • latest and popular players
  • Vivo IPLs in the newest animation
  • HD logos, pitches, outfield, grounds, turfs and stumps
  • different stadium for different matches
  • dates are based on ICC calendar
  • BBLS
  • ICC test championships
  • the rival series (IND v/s PAK)
  • Asia cup
  • KFC BBL 2019
  • PSL and CPL
  • new team, new ratings and new jersey
  • new HD faces of players
  • different versions and levels of a patch
  • new animated stadiums


Apart from these, the modified patches provide a realistic gateway cause in CRICKET 2007; each ball is used to hit the boundary which downcast the player interest.

How to download EA Sports Cricket on your PC?

For accessing the patches on your computer, you must have the original CRICKET 2007.

If you’re not having CRICKET 07, worry less, here is the link for that

  • Download the game from verified link or studio.
  • Install the setup.
  • After installation copy the files from //C: Program Files
  • After that, you can create a new folder naming EA sports cricket 2018.
  • You have happily installed the game on your PC.
  • Now, you can choose your team, players and start playing.
  • Enjoy your gaming and suggest your other friends too.

PC REQUIREMENTS To Play Ea Sports Cricket

Here are the basic PC requirements for lag-free experience in cricket gaming.

For MSD mega cricket patch or EA sports cricket 2018 the PC requirements are as follows:-

  1. CPU: Pentium
  2. CPU speed: 1 GHz
  3. Video card: 3D accelerated, 1 GB (for lag-free experience)
  4. Free disk space: 1.8 GB


And, for Siddharth Jonwal patch or EA sports cricket 2020 the PC requirements are as follows:-

  1. RAM: 512 MB
  2. Processor: Intel core 2 duo
  3. Space: 5 GB
  4. OS: Windows 7,8, 10

For lag-free and realistic experience, I would personally suggest you meet all the mentioned requirements as you won’t like it to see your favorite player hanged in between hitting a boundary.

How to download in your android?

how to download EA sports in android
how to download EA sports in android


There are some sites, which offered APK files for the above version of the game, but they are not that much worthy due to slow CPU speed and high battery consumption. However, if you still want to try, you can download the APK file in your android. Again, I will strongly recommend installing it on a PC for a lag-free experience. And, obviously, laptop screen is close realistic as a cricket field. Also, you will experience a better HD animation.


So, what you people are waiting for! If you’re a cricket lover, gamer, electronic athlete, have vacations, have boredom holidays or have much of free time, you could simply install and run EA sports cricket 2018 or EA sports cricket 2020 and witness a realistic gateway between the cricket field and screen. Also, if you find some lacking or some faults in the version, you can yourself create a modified cricket patch of your needs and desires! What’s wrong in giving a try!

Till that it’s worth playing and enjoying. From, my personal experience I must say that you should try these patches along with your friends. Download, install, create a profile, choose your team, players, rivals, stadiums, levels, uniform, logos, matches and much more. Bring the cricket field on your screens and feel a real game experience. Also, this time you would not hit a boundary on each ball; you must run your fingers on keys to mark runs. Enjoy!

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